Twelve Super Tuesday states—Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, Alaska, Colorado, and Minnesota—will be holding primaries and caucuses on March 1st.

Truila staffer David Weidner dives into the data to see if these Super Tuesday states are doing better this time around than they were four years ago when it comes to home ownership. If home owners live in a Super Tuesday state, more than likely they can afford their housing, with Super Tuesday states being less affected by the housing crisis (when measuring monthly foreclosure sales rates). Weidner writes:

The median listed home price in Super Tuesday states has risen 50.1%, during the last four years and now is worth 7.7% more than the median home in non-voting states – the Super Tuesday median home was worth 2.8% less in 2011.

States voting March 1 also were more likely to add jobs in the recovery and less likely to lose them in the recession. Super Tuesday states added 2.88 million jobs during the last decade, an increase of 8.7%. The other 38 states and District of Columbia added 2.96 million jobs, just a 3% increase.

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