Autodesk's Buzzsaw software has been a major cost saver for Hacienda Builders in Phoenix. Most of the savings come from reduced printing costs, since plans can now be viewed online, as well as from reduced faxing of bids, work orders, and options.

April Pierce, the builder's information technology manager, says Buzzsaw delivered the following savings:

* $20,000 in annual printing costs of plans.

* $5,000 to $6,000 in annual courier costs.

* $3,000 a year in reduced paper and toner costs and maintenance on fax machines.

* $30,000 annually for an extra administrative person.

Hacienda weaned itself off faxing on Sept. 15.

"We made it a requirement that each of our subs be online and have an e-mail address,'' says Pierce. "We found that out of 60 of our subs, only one company didn't have a computer and Internet access."

Now, instead of constant faxing of bids, work orders, and options, once plans are approved, they are placed into Buzzsaw, and the subs are invited to bid via e-mail. Once the bids are reviewed, the subs are sent an e-mail notifying them that they've been awarded the job; a contract that they can print out, sign, and mail back; specs; the scope of the work for their portion of the job; and an online version of the plans.

Pierce says Buzzsaw took 60 to 90 days to deploy. Buzzsaw costs Hacienda less than $20,000 annually.