When Millennials come through your door for a model home tour, you can bet they've done their research on your company and offerings ahead of time. The best way to control what they know about you and getting them to your door is by interacting with them while they're still in the research phase of home buying.

Social media is becoming one of the best tools for building that initial relationship with Millennials, now the largest generation of prospective home buyers. Apple's 22-year-old social media guru Tai Tran, who runs @AppleSupport with more than 282,000 followers, teaches a class on social media marketing at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and shares most of his lessons online. Tech Insider writer Kif Leswing gathers some of Tran's best tips.

Facebook has the most users overall, with 1.49 million users, more than four times the users on Twitter, which was the second largest platform based on users. However, the most used social media for Millennials is Snapchat. Tran breaks down what each platform is meant to be used for:

  1. Customer Care: Facebook and Twitter
  2. Employment Branding: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  3. Optimizing SEO: Google+
  4. Millennial Segmenting: Instagram and Snapchat
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