Schumacher Homes

Millennials are a huge segment of the home buying market, and their way of shopping and gathering information is different than anything we have been exposed to before. They don’t want to be sold - they want to be educated. When they trust you they will buy from you.

This means that your model homes and sales center need to become an educational tool instead of a sales tool. As a model home expert, I have targeted areas that are important to today’s home buyers and incorporate them into the models homes that I work on. Here are some thoughts on how to enhance the home-selecting experience for young buyers:

  • Consumers have no attention span anymore - writing more than 500 words or putting 30 floor plans in front of them is overwhelming. It makes sense to give customers a way to narrow down their choices before they come to the showplace so they can look at as many homes as they want - all or just the one that’s perfect for them.
  • Social media endorsements from peers will get a consumer to your homes faster than any other resource right now. Encouraging visitors to share your homes, interiors, and design ideas with their followers using a hashtag that is your brand and signature is a great way to drive traffic.
  • So many times a merchandiser puts lots of thought into how they merchandise the home but the consumer (and many times even the salesperson) doesn’t know about this thought process and all they see is a pretty room. We do our own photography of little details that we incorporate into the homes and share those with the thought process behind them on our social media resources.
  • Live streaming with sites like Periscope, Instagram, Vine, and Facebook Live Video make it easier than ever to let people see what is happening at your community. You can give tours of different models, special spaces and features, a family signing the papers on their new home or a child choosing their first room of their own… the possibilities are endless. The key is to keep these short - if they are too long you will lose your audience.
  • Sponsor design seminars to invite potential home buyers to tour your homes with a designer or a design center consultant so they can learn about new trends that you have included in your homes.
  • Kitchen and bath seminars are great, too, because these two most important (and costly) rooms in a home are usually not showcased like they could be. I am on the Thermador Design Council and having the opportunity to learn why things like steam convection and food preservation columns are so important has been priceless to me. Sharing why it’s worth investing in something besides a builder standard range or faucet helps to educate the consumer and increase profits.