Home builders turn to CorrigoNet scheduling technology to help keep customers happy down the line. Anderson Homes, a central California builder, is the latest company to sign up for the Web-based application to help contractors and their subs get a better handle on their work orders. The mobile service management solution eliminates the need for paper copies of the work orders.

Kelli Rader, customer service coordinator at Anderson Homes, says, “We've replaced clipboards with a mobile, technology-based system that is easy to use and helps us to operate more efficiently and productively.”

Lost tickets and illegible scribble have become a thing of the past. The system works with handheld computers such as BlackBerrys to help contractors and subs track work orders electronically, ensuring that service orders are fixed fast.

For example, David Popler, vice president of sales for Corrigo, says a home buyer who closes on a house and then discovers the sink leaks can get a faster response. The homeowner reports the leak by logging into a home builder's Web site and sending an electronic message directly to a service person. Carrying a handheld computer instead of a clipboard, the field manager receives the service request, makes a site visit, checks out the problem, and sends a report back through the system, resulting in a work ticket posted electronically at the subcontractor's office. The subcontractor can accept the work order, decline it, or reroute it, in the case it was misdirected. A contractor can review the status of a ticket simply by looking at an electronic board.

“Not only can builders create customer service request, they can communicate tickets to trade partners,” Popler says.

After a home buyer plunks down hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new home, a quick response to a problem is an important part of the sale.

“Homeowners will benefit from the mobility of the application and the real-time access to customer service representatives,” says Richard Michaux, Corrigo's president.

Popler says the California-based Corrigo has approximately 300 home builders as its customers, including Centex Homes, K. Hovanian, and Pardee Homes. It also services multi-family and commercial offices. And it is definitely a sign of the future.

“It is a Web-based application you can access from anyplace in the world,” he says.