Managing Web leads can be a real problem for builders. Leads come in from a builder's own Web site and from third-party listing services, such as Homestore Inc.'s, but rarely are these leads qualified or sent to the right salespeople.

Now, after forming alliances with leading builders and new-home Web sites, BeHomeWise, a leader in Internet lead management, has developed an E-Leads gateway that funnels all the buyer registration data from the multiple Web sites and sends them to a centralized database, which then rates and qualifies the sales leads. The leads are then sent to managers and salespeople at the builders specified by the buyers.

Robb Cohen, CEO of BeHomeWise, says that in addition to standard contact information, buyers are asked to specify occupation, price range, when buyers are looking to buy, if they have a house to sell, and the amenities they are interested in.

"Shoppers give us complete registration data that's qualified and rated," says Cohen. "The result is that the builder's ability to put a face to a name is often greater from an E-Lead than when the customer fills out the registration form as a walk-in, which is raw information and not rated."

Some other benefits: Buyers who visit builder Web sites and new-home sites that are BeHomeWise members only fill out a registration form once. When buyers register, they can opt to download an electronic brochure, saving builders' printing and mailing costs. Finally, once a buyer is registered with the BeHomeWise network, an online marketing campaign goes into effect. Marketing campaigns include follow-up thank-you letters, price updates, and news about new communities buyers have expressed an interest in.