Creative Challenge Altoliva was competing with another MBK neighborhood about 10 miles away in a golf course community in Valencia. Both neighborhoods were selling at a similar price point, but Altoliva's sales rate was falling short of MBK's goals, even though its homes were larger. The challenge was to convince buyers that Altoliva is a premier neighborhood and should be a first choice for the area's home buyers. Creating a campaign to compete with its Valencia neighborhood was a big risk for MBK and one it had never taken before.

Inspiration MBK decided to harvest buyers from the builder's “Insider's Club” (interest list) and VIB (Very Important Buyers) priority registry from the Valencia neighborhood. While most developers and their sales forces pay lip service to customer follow up, MBK knew that especially in this case, it had to give its sales force extra training in follow up and follow through with customers, and in creating interest in the larger homes at Altoliva.

NOW READ THIS: MBK Homes sent versions of its newspaper ads electronically by e-mail, and by direct mail, to registered prospects playing up design sophistication and craftsmanship. Execution

  • Created call-to-action newspaper ads.
  • Converted newspaper ad to e-mail and sent to electronic lead database for Altoliva prospects.
  • Printed e-mail ad on corporate postcard for direct mail to all addresses on Insider's Club and VIB priority registry for Altoliva and its sister neighborhood.
  • Created memory links by installing value-building signage along the model walk.
  • Offered limited time buyer incentives.
  • Coached sales team to sell Plans 3 and 4 versus the lower price point and smaller models (Plans 1 and 2).
  • Held extensive coaching sessions with the sales team to follow up and follow through with prospects.
  • Results Traffic increased from approximately 50 customer per week to 200 per week. The sales rate increased from approximately one per week to approximately five per week. The sales goal was accomplished within the eight-week deadline.