Van Metre's purchasing software is part of a company-wide “operational” system. Here are some things the software designers kept in mind when it came to putting together their very own system.

  • Think Beyond Purchasing. While purchasing is a primary focus, Van Metre's system touches just about everyone involved in the building process, from site selection to warranties. It cuts down on paperwork and keeps everyone in the loop.
  • Empower Your Salesforce. Standard markups are applied to all options, but the final retail price is left to Van Metre's sales team to decide. They know the marketplace better than the purchasing department.
  • Update Regularly. An “operational” system such as Van Metre's is only as good as the information it's based on. Institute a regular way to update prices, plan changes, and anything else that will affect the finished home—and the bottom line.
  • Make Changes With Caution. Van Metre's system basically locks up the contract once it's finished and posted online, so any changes can be made only with the approval of the vice president of construction.
  • Listen To Your Customers. Van Metre's design consultants are encouraged to speak up if customers consistently request options that aren't available. Its flexible system is set up to accommodate new upgrades and to get rid of options that have proven to be less-than-appealing.