Home builders wondering how they can calm their market while maneuvering through bankruptcy may want to take a minute to view the video on the Newmark Homes Web site. Visit www.newmarkhomes.com and immediately a message from Mike Moody, the Houston Division President of Newmark, Trophy, and Fedrick, Harris Estate Homes jumps up on the screen. On Tuesday, the day Newmark's parent company TOUSA announced that it had filed Chapter 11, Moody told the Web audience in a one-minute video that the Newmark brand just finished a strong year in 2007. According to Jennifer Mercer, a spokesperson hired by TOUSA to manage communications during the bankruptcy, Newmark and Trophy closed 1,434 homes in the Houston market during 2007, which kept pace with the 1,445 homes it did the year before. Mercer said the Texas market has been very strong, and Houston especially is an "anomaly." Yesterday, Newmark posted an updated video in which Moody told site visitors that the company has been authorized by the courts to continue to build, sell, and close homes. Moody then encourages existing homeowners to submit warranty claims if necessary and tells home buyers who have yet to close that they can expect "normal progress" on the closing of their home. The message ends with Moody saying that the company and its employees are there to serve its home buyers. Mercer said Newmark is the only one of TOUSA's brands to post such a video and said other updates from Newmark may be forthcoming as needed. TOUSA has negotiated roughly $135 million in financing from Citigroup to help keep its home building operations functioning. TOUSA was the industry's 13th-largest home builder in 2006. The company's bankruptcy is the largest filing by a builder to date. The big builder's other major brand is Engle Homes, which does business primarily in Arizona, Florida, and Nevada.