HomeDisclosure audits from RealtyTrac give prospective buyers info on the property.

RealtyTrac has announced a new free web-based data service offered to prospective buyers of as many as 117 million homes nationwide, providing more than 40 categories of real estate data, along with hyperlocal neighborhood and environmental data impacting the health, safety and financial security of the homeowner or renter.

According to its announcement, RealtyTrac's HomeDisclosure site will identify factors such as nearby registered sex offenders and drug labs, while also giving potential home buyers comprehensive loan history and financial details such as the current equity position on each property. RealtyTrac notes:

The report also provides hyperlocal neighborhood data on natural hazard risk (including flood, earthquake, tornado, wildfire, and hurricane risk), environmental hazard risk (including superfunds sites, brownfields, polluters and storage tanks and spills), crime level, school quality, median income and much more.

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