BEHOMEWISE, BEST KNOWN FOR ITS LEAD-GENERATION software that helps builders qualify and rate Internet sales leads, hired Dorrie Ehlers earlier this year to work with builders to develop online sales departments and train online sales counselors (OSCs).

Ehlers, who developed online sales departments at Bowen Family Homes and John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, says that although many builders have been managing Internet sales leads for at least a decade, the term OSC is new, and it's a new job category for home builders. “It's a very exciting field,” she says.

An OSC is a hybrid sales consultant/administrative person whose job is to manage and follow up Internet sales leads and turn them over to the builder's salespeople. Most OSCs receive a commission on referrals that are converted to sales. Ehlers says that OSCs can earn between $50,000 and $75,000 a year, depending on a builder's sales volume and pricing.

Builders “are missing sales by not replying to online sales leads,” she says. “Most builders do have some type of online sales professional in place. Some are doing more e-marketing, while others are doing presales campaigns.”

Ehlers will be offering builders consulting services through BeHomeWise, helping them write a job description and hire and train new people. She will also promote BeHomeWise's Online Sales Counselor Edition software. The software helps streamline the paperwork for OSCs, making it easier to handle fulfillment and e-marketing with prospects and home buyers, schedule appointments, and manage commissions.

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