It turns out that Millennials are getting a bum rap on their supposed over-reliance on mobile phones. It's actually middle-aged business people who deserve that distinction.

According to this article from Priceonomics, Baby Boomers spend more time on their phones than any other generation. Citing data from multiple studies, Alex Mayyasi made the case that middle-aged workers who can't stop checking email are the ones who really can't put down those phones.

This inclination to reach for our phones and fill empty moments with work emails is part of a world in which the average person spends—according to a report released last year by Informate, an intelligence firm that studies consumers’ mobile behavior—4.7 hours per day on his or her phone.

Given that adults have to work, you might think that this average is high because of teenagers who live on their phones. But the opposite is true. Informate found that people aged 25 to 54 spent more time on their phones than teenagers.

“While social networking may have started as a viral craze for U.S. teenagers,” the CEO of Informate has said, “It’s steadily matured into an everyday lifestyle for many adults around the world who are now eclipsing teens and young adults as most-frequent users.”

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