By Rich Binsacca. Part of a series of three ads and an overall branding campaign, this color print ad for Hedgewood Properties entitled "... square feet are not the only feet in your home," sent the message that bigger isn't necessarily better. Though Hedgewood builds luxury move-up homes, the ads steered clear of size and instead focused on substance, specifically the comfort and performance of its homes. "We wanted people to understand that value is about livability and daily performance, not square footage alone," says Priscilla Jessup, president of Denmark Advertising & Public Relations in Atlanta, the agency behind the campaign. "We wanted to align the message with beliefs of Hedgewood's target buyers [for the move-up market]."

This particular ad also keys on Hedgewood's commitment to the Earthcraft House program, co-sponsored by the Greater Atlanta HBA and the Southface Energy Institute, advocating improved energy- and resource-efficient building practices and performance.

Launched in May 2002 and placed through the end of last year in local trade publications and newspaper real estate sections, the ad received a positive response from both prospects and salespeople, though the company did not conduct qualitative research to measure its success. "With a branding campaign, you have to trust the ad and believe that it's important simply to tell your message without a direct sales result," says Pam Sessions, president of Hedgewood Properties.

Photo: Courtesy Hedgewood Homes

Hedgewood Homes sought to downplay square footage in the purchasing decision in favor of distinct housing performance and design values. Sepia tones, soft, smaller typography, and evocative wording reinforce Hedgewood's approach to the market. "We prefer to get attention with a whisper, not a shout," says Sessions. "We tend to be understated ... with a twist."

Campaign Details

Program: Color print ad; Builder/Developer: Hedgewood Homes, Cumming, Ga.; Ad agency: Denmark Advertising & Public Relations, Atlanta