When builder/developer Coscan Homes began pre-sales for Atlantic One, a 145-unit, high-rise condo project in Aventura, Fla., with prices starting at $800,000, well-heeled prospects bemoaned the new realities of security checks and long lines required to fly to the second-home resort location. “They said they'd be interested in buying if commercial air travel wasn't such a hassle,” says Rod Kenner, vice president of sales for Coscan.

The builder responded by contracting with Universal Jet Aviation, which owns and operates a fleet of aircraft from Lear jets to 727s and even helicopters, to shuttle Atlantic One buyers around in style once the project opens in May 2004. Each buyer enrolled in the program gets up to 25 hours of free, anytime/anywhere flight time in greater comfort than the best first-class ticket will buy. Coscan negotiated a substantially discounted rate for the charter's services (an hour on a Lear jet retails for about $2,200), and Universal agreed to handle scheduling and limo service to and from the airport.

Offered to buyers since fall 2003, the program has since attracted five participants and has helped to boost sales in the project's homestretch. “It's been responsible for making home sales, even if the buyers don't choose to participate,” says Kenner. “It's helped us to attract more [sales] traffic, close deals, and position us as the ‘super-luxury' option among our competition.”

Campaign Details Program: Beyond first class; Builder/Developer: Coscan Homes, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.;Cost: Within the project's marketing budget market budget (no extra cost), plus a discounted rate from the charter service; Charter service: Universal Jet Aviation, Boca Raton, Fla.