EVERY BUILDER KNOWS THE frustration of not being able to show prospective buyers every possible option. But what if you could? KB Home not only found a way to make it possible, but to do it in less than 600 square feet through the use of interactive kiosks.

The sales centers have been branded nationally, giving customers a solid experience any time they visit a KB community. The two central messages KB Home wanted to communicate in the centers were trust and choice. Trust is highlighted through a series of curved panels that discuss KB's construction and craftsmanship, and choice is delivered through the kiosks, which give prospective buyers the ability to pull up any floor plan and elevation, see the options, and configure the house as desired.

“If you saw a model and it didn't have the bonus room, but it's an option, you can see how it looks, go back to the model and visualize it,” says Jay L. Moss, Southern California regional general manager.

The kiosks take up less than 5 percent of the floor space in a sales office, compared to the 30 percent previously required with big floor plan displays.

“And it's very attractive,” Moss says. “We have as many as we need and then move them to the next community. We can get up and running immediately, anywhere.”

Builder: KB Home, Los Angeles
Sales office design: In-house