Invitation Homes launched a new brand identity that the company says reflects its leadership position in the industry and its focus on empowering residents to live life on their own terms. The brand is captured by the Invitation Homes’ mission and tagline, “Together With You, We Make a House a Home.”

“The creation of Invitation Homes less than five years ago established a new era in home leasing, and with our new branding, we’re taking the industry to yet another level,” said Invitation Homes Chief Executive Officer, John Bartling in a press release. “Owning houses is the easy part. Making them homes where families and individuals thrive is why we’re in business, and our mission and new brand reflect our commitment to make that happen. What separates us is delivering more quality and care to our residents than they ever imagined.”

The company says its new Invitation Homes logo conveys both an invitation and the company’s history of growth: it builds from a single house to a neighborhood to a community and, ultimately, to Invitation Homes, which brings all the pieces together.

“Invitation Homes is defining a new standard for home leasing,” said G. Irwin Gordon, Invitation Homes Chief Revenue Officer said in a news release. “Every aspect of who we are and how we do business is centered on continuously delivering a living experience that combines quality, professionalism and heart.

“Our brand is more than a logo. It’s a reflection of our resident-centric culture that demands we deliver value at every point on the resident’s journey – from the moment they begin searching for a home until the day they move out,” Gordon added.

The company has a portfolio of nearly 50,000 unique homes, nearly all of which have been updated since 2013 with an average investment of more than $20,000 in renovations. Each home is supported and maintained by Invitation Homes’ professionals who have a mandate to provide quality and genuine care from curb to kitchen.