How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about working with builders to sell new homes? 

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And that really doesn't make sense. For at least 2 reasons. One, real estate agents are involved in 9 out of 10 home purchases. And, two, builders and agents could both benefit every time a new home is sold.

As it is, however, not even 1 in 5 agents would recommend a new home over an existing home. That's just one of the findings of a recent survey of 4000 real estate agents. The survey also showed that agents think older homes offer greater value, are better built, have bigger yards and are located in better neighborhoods. And their negative bias doesn't stop there. They believe builders are less likely than homeowners to negotiate on price and other seller concessions.

Finally, they think builders do a really lousy job of offering agents good training on how and why to sell new homes. And there's the opportunity for smart builders. Offer training that spells out the many advantages of new homes. Advantages like energy efficiency, lower maintenance, the ability to customize, and better floor plans. Do that, and real estate agents will become advocates for and allies of home builders. And a testy relationship will turn into a win-win deal.