Ideas That Add More Profit to the Homes You Build The Educational Seminars listed on these pages are included with your full registration for The 2004 International Builders' Show(R). Seating is limited, however, with seating on a first-come, first-serve basis. This listing is current as of September 4, 2003 and is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information on seminars, visit

Architecture & Interior Design Affordable Million-Dollar Design Details

Some of the best concepts are borrowed from high-end products and custom homes and reinvented into affordable versions desirable to price-sensitive buyers. By using alternative materials and design techniques, learn to create expensive details you can incorporate into the homes you build.

AIA Plan Review Workshop I

Architects and interior merchandisers will spend 25 minutes reviewing your house plans and illustrating how you can change them to meet the needs of today's homebuyers. Bring your plans and come early! There will be two additonal workshop sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Design Stars: Winning Home Designs from the Best in American Living Awards (BALA)

What design elements make a home an award-winner? Find out by viewing winning homes from the 2003 Best in American Living Award competition--the nation's foremost residential design awards program. Join the panel of BALA judges in celebrating the homes that illustrate design quality and success in the marketplace.

Designing for Changing Lifestyles & Different Generations

Learn how the needs of evolving demographic segments--Generation X, Boomers, and Active Adult buyers--are affecting home design and today's marketplace. This program will be an in-depth look at product and amenity design for these emerging markets.

Kitchen Design: Trends & Tools for Today's Kitchens

The kitchen continues to be one of the most important rooms in a home. Learn how to successfully design, finish, and present kitchens in response to buyers' wants, needs, and preferences.

The New American Home 2004

"Loft House"--A unique design that we see as a growing trend in American building, the TNAH 2004 project will reveal a smart house loft for The 2004 NAHB International Builders' Show. For the first time, the TNAH show home will present a new personality--the "LOFT." This trend services a buyer base that allows for higher densities, simple and quick construction techniques and interior design options catering to a vast range of buyers.

What's Hot in Multifamily Design: One Dozen New Projects

In a fast-paced, visually intense program, a panel of architects from across the country will review 12 multifamily project case studies and explain their marketing goals, design specifications, challenges, successes, and lessons learned.

Why Millions Have Read "The Not-So-Big House"

There's an untapped market, 50 million strong, dubbed "Cultural Creatives" by demographer Paul Ray, that is looking for a different kind of house: one that values quality over quantity. Susanka's "Not So Big House" series of books attracted this audience in droves. Find out what this segment of the population is looking for in a house.

AIA Plan Review Workshop II

In this workshop, architects and interior merchandisers will spend 25 minutes reviewing your house plans and illustrating how you can change them to meet the needs of today's homebuyers. Bring your plans and come early! There will be one additional workshop session on Wednesday.

Community Design: Placemaking, Open Space, & Amenities

Many buyers place stronger value on services, location to services, low-maintenance residences, utilization of all spaces, living near work, and a reconnection to neighborhoods. Learn how to design to increase community sustainability.

Designing Product for Small Suburban and Urban Infill Projects

As more builders get involved in building infill projects, how does the infill site affect home design? Learn what product works for today's urban and suburban infill sites, what designs buyers prefer, and how to be profitable in this ever-expanding residential market.

Designing the Under 2,500 Square-Foot Detached Home

Learn to maximize space with sound design tactics, both exterior and interior, to create an exceptional product. Learn to design for median home buyers as well as move-down buyers while focusing on delivering what the customer wants--whether a first-time buyer, single professional, or retiree.

How to Compete with the Big Guys

A program for the small to medium-volume builder, this panel will advise you on how design, merchandising, and planning can impact home marketability and make your products stand out in the crowd.

North, South, East, West: Design Trends from Around the Country

Four of the country's leading residential architects will present trends emerging in their respective corner of the country. Get a look at the hottest design trends and learn to translate those trends into real design for all markets.

Timeless Versus Trendy: Elevation Do's and Don'ts

Which elevation design applications have stood the test of time? How do you make garage doors look like integrated design elements, and also make your front and rear elevations more enticing? Learn the "do's and don'ts" of how to enhance a home's curb appeal.

Upgrade Your Options: Optimize Your Design Center

Are options/upgrades costing or making you money? Learn what options you should offer, how to present them to satisfy a variety of buyers--from first-time buyers to active adults--and the process improvements necessary to ensure mistake-proof higher profits.

What Women Want in Housing & Communities

Women are home buyers; women influence home purchase decisions, so how do you influence this powerful buyer segment? This session will explain what motivates women to buy homes. Color, design, options, floorplan preferences, and upgrades will be the focus.

50 Key Design Ideas & Details: A Design Superstore

During this highly successful, interactive, open-style format, builders will encounter a variety of residential design ideas. Learn from and participate with a team of design professionals about how specific design approaches and details work and how you can apply them at all price ranges.

AIA Plan Review Workshop III

Architects and interior merchandisers will spend 25 minutes reviewing your house plans and illustrating how you can change them to meet the needs of today's homebuyers. Bring your plans and come early!

Cultural Influences in Residential Design

Given today's global homebuyers, you must design for a variety of cultures. Floorplans and design must be flexible to respond to their needs. How do multicultural buyers impact home design? Learn from influential principles such as feng shui, enhance floorplans through geographic signification, and improve family lifestyles by addressing the nuances of regionality.

Design 2004: Residential Design Trends from the American Institute of Architects

The AIA Housing Committee will present the best-designed and most innovative housing from across the country by examining why these designs are important and what you can learn from them. Learn from respected industry-leading architects how these trend-setting designs will influence your market.

High-End Home Design: Shopping at Tiffany's

They know what they want, but can you satisfy their every desire? Whether for a wealthy custom client, a move-up buyer, or a "Gen X" CEO/first-time buyer, what does it take to succeed in high-end home design? Learn today's design applications and techniques that will satisfy the most distinguished buyer.

Leading Bath Designs for Every Buyer

Today's consumer expects the warmth, comfort, convenience, and luxury in bathrooms at all price points. From hall baths and powder rooms to luxurious owner suites, see the latest materials and trends in bath design.

What Are the New Urbanism and Traditional Neighborhood Design Really About?

Learn the "nuts and bolts" and also the development and market advantages of the New Urbanism and Traditional Neighborhood Design and how they're applied in both Greenfield traditional neighborhoods and urban revitalization.

A Design Trends Marketplace

An expert design panel will present a detailed program on everything needed to bring a well-designed home together... the finishing touches will be covered from color, trim, molding, and lighting to interior design applications, exterior, and interior architecture.

Fine Tuning Your Floorplans: Meet the Plan Doctors

When it comes to floorplans, learn what excites buyers and what turns them off. A panel of architects, interior merchandisers, and marketers will analyze several plans and illustrate what works and what doesn't. Speakers will discuss maximizing site lines, storage opportunities, and floorplan options that demonstrate how to "tweak" your plans to be their best.

How to Score a Perfect 10

Learn from a design team how you can create a "perfect 10" product when designing, building, marketing, and merchandising model homes. Former design competition judges will share their expertise on how the design team approach equals product success.

Associates Selling to Large Volume Builders

Learn what a supplier must do to gain and maintain business with the growing market of large volume builders, including proven methods of approaching and selling to purchasing managers.

Selling Innovation to Builders

Designed for product manufacturers and others who market to builders, this session shares insights from the PATH study on builder attitudes toward innovation and recommendations for doing "the sell."

At the Site Mold: Preventive Medicine

The issue of preventing mold growth isn't a simple one. From foundation to flashing, preventive medicine to remediation, this seminar addresses approaches and solutions to ensure that your design and construction practices don't encourage the problem.

Subterranean Termite Control Options

State laws require subterranean termite control. There are a variety of options to accomplish this, including new methods. This presentation reviews the need for protection and the benefits and considerations of the various options.

Cure for the Common Callback

This session will address the "system approach" to performance building, including the best applications, from the foundation to the finish, IAQ, and mold and moisture issues. Litigation issues will also be addressed.

Protecting the Hispanic Worker

Injury rates for Hispanic workers are increasing. Learn ideas about how to protect the Spanish-speaking worker from accidents and injuries and how to ensure that such workers learn safety rules and comply with them.

Better Design and Building Practices for Reducing Mold and Water/Moisture Problems

Residential building litigation surrounding water and moisture related problems has risen dramatically in recent years. Some experts estimate that as much as 80% of construction defect litigation in the residential construction market segment is due to water and moisture related failures. The purpose of the presentation is to help designers and contractors identify designs, details, and construction practices that lead to callbacks. This presentation will feature extra job-site pictures from years of field experience in solving water and moisture problems. This presentation examines common design defects that are prone to creating moisture problems as well as troubleshooting installation defects and selecting building materials that lead to a more durable building. Explanations of the causes of mold and mildew are explored, in addition to recommendations for solving and preventing mold and mildew problems.

How to Avoid Window Pains

Examine the problems that can develop from improper window installation. The panelists will discuss the latest fenestration products and research, as well as explain the appropriate step-by-step flashing and sealing techniques that will ensure a leak-free installation.

Construction Spanish

The home building industry attracts more Spanish-speaking workers each year, and builders, remodelers, and trade contractors are hiring them. This entertaining presentation shows how clear communication facilitates a smoothly running job, improved safety, efficiency, and increased bottom line.

The IRC: New Wood Framing Provisions

Learn how the practical structural framing requirements of the International Residential Code differ from the previous CABO code. Also included is a look at the 2003 IRC framing provisions.

Building Systems Award-Winning Log Homes: An Avenue for Success

Log homes have become a lifestyle decision that continues to attract a growing number of custom home buyers. See the top finishers in the Excellence in Model Home Design contest and learn how they created their sales environments. Get the basics of establishing and running a successful builder/dealer business for the long run and discover the art of selling log homes from industry pros.

On the Cutting Edge: Extreme Construction & Design

Proven construction techniques and creative design provide a solid foundation for these extreme builders. You'll see cliff hanging house sites and how the builder rose to the challenge of working with the latest in technology of structural engineering and computer software. Discover the right combination of old world craftsmanship, modern day architectural embellishments, and the integration of component construction.

Can I Panelize This Project?

Open frame wall and floor panel systems provide tremendous benefits on residential and light commercial jobsites. A comprehensive overview of the working relationship between panelizers and the builders they supply is given, with a focus on design, engineering, code compliance, scheduling, and on-site assembly, as well as a display of finished projects.

Ten Most Common Framing Errors

The program will present the engineered wood framing errors most frequently responsible for callbacks and complaints. The top ten errors and their causes in floor, wall, and roof framing details will be examined. Five steps will be outlined for avoiding framing errors and improving overall quality.

Log Building Systems: Enriching Your Future

Find your direction to the log building system that will be the foundation of your business. Get the latest on log home construction and the International Residential Code requirements. Learn how different log building systems affect the design process. Listen to how scheduling maintenance follow-up with the homeowner can generate an additional revenue stream.

Structural Insulated Panels: Energy Efficiency and More

Learn the many benefits of structural insulated panels (SIPS) as they are used in a variety of applications and conventional construction methods. This session places special emphasis on practical issues of connection details, structural integrity, cutting, order lead times, code compliance, finishing treatments, and cost analysis.

Expand Your Business the Systems-Built Way!

This workshop will enlighten you on how to obtain established marketing, drafting, engineering, planning, legal, and information system departments for your own business today. Teaming up with a building systems manufacturer can provide all that and more. Your company can utilize all these established departments, and benefit from having guaranteed pricing, set commission schedules, and production buying capabilities.

Get Out of the Box! Modular Designs, 2,500-15,000 Square Feet

Come see what modular housing means in the 21st century. Dramatic rooflines, volume ceilings, feature windows, and contemporary kitchen and bath designs are just some of the features you will find in today's modular home. From 2,500 square feet standard designs to 15,000 square feet custom homes, modular construction showcases its labor efficiency, cost effectiveness, and high quality.

Construction Codes & Energy Adopting the International Residential Code

The International Residential Code is being adopted across the country. Builders and building officials will discuss the code and the NAHB IRC Action Kit, the tool your HBA will need when your local jurisdiction considers adopting the IRC.

Mold: Limiting Exposure, Liability, & How to Obtain Insurance Coverage

This program will focus on issues that have created the most mold risks for home builders and their subcontractors. It will explain how to minimize and respond to these issues and thereby obtain insurance coverage.

Zero Energy Homes: Case Studies from Regional Projects

Four teams' experiences designing and building Zero Energy Homes will be presented. Zero Energy Homes, through the use of efficient design and renewable energy, produce as much energy as they consume annually.

Durability by Design

This program is a co-presentation with industry experts and PATH to present building envelope techniques and products that promote low maintenance, exclude moisture, and promote energy efficiency and healthy indoor environments.

Energy In, Energy Out: Not So Fast!

Professionals from the heating and cooling industry will present information on the latest technologies designed to meet the lower heating and cooling demands of today's housing. Speakers from the radiant, solar, and forced-air industries will provide a vision of where technologies are headed in each of those directions.

Increasing Profits by Building Affordable & Energy Efficient Homes

Some builders have found it possible to build homes that are both energy efficient and affordable. Learn from them how to do it and still turn a profit.

Steel Framing: The Future of Residential Construction

Most commercial builders use nothing but steel framing and metal roofing. It's faster, easier, and more efficient. If you're tired of riding the price roller coaster and want to learn the "how-tos" of steel framing from the experts, this program will get you started.

Fair Housing Accessibility: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Multifamily builders who fail to comply with the Fair Housing Act are subject to legal action, regardless of obstacles that hamper their compliance. Find out how to make sure you don't get burned.

Green Building Guidelines: Meeting the Demand for Low-Energy, Resource-Efficient Homes

The Green Builder Guidelines are useful tools for home builders who wish to respond to increasing demands for homes that are "greener." The Guidelines will inform builders how to integrate design principles, building materials, and energy efficient construction techniques into a home.

Picture Perfect Wood Framing: A Quality Framing Job Every Time

Learn how to improve quality while increasing profits and reducing waste by using good structural engineering principles and tried-and-true framing techniques.

Practical Innovation: Results from PATH Field Evaluations

Through field evaluations of both new construction and remodeling projects, the PATH program has compiled practical results on innovative and available technologies that will increase the affordablity, durability, energy, and resource-efficiency of homes. Find out about what has been proven to work for builders, trade contractors, designers, and developers.

New Building Technologies

Information on selected new building technologies and their compliance with the model building code will be presented along with NES assessment of their acceptability of these technologies with respect to the new ICC International Codes. Speakers from the NAHB Research Center, HUD, and PCI will discuss the latest research using precast/prestressed concrete.

Understanding & Preventing Mold Growth

This program will provide a basic understanding of moisture principles to evaluate building assemblies for the prevention of moisture intrusion problems. Building practices that manage moisture and prevent mold growth intrusion will be presented.

Customer Service 10 Things Builders Do to Mess Up Their Reputations

And how to avoid them. This seminar identifies the common errors builders make that result in dissatisfied customers and conflict, then provides the insights and tools necessary to prevent those errors.

Stress to Success: Understanding the Home Buyer's Personality

From knowledge of products and features, to tools for organizing and planning their shopping, home buyers respond reasonably and cooperatively to builders who offer understanding and support during this very stressful process.

The Customer of the Future--Will Tomorrow's Customers Be Yours?

Developing a reputation for service excellence will be crucial to win the business of the customer of the future. Implement this step-by-step approach to position your company for future success.

Taking the Cuss out of Customer Service

Customer Service is the cornerstone of every successful business. Learn a streamlined approach to making everyone happy.

10 Key Steps to Buyer Satisfaction: New Study Identifies Surprise Strategies

A new university study has identified the primary "drivers" of homebuyer satisfaction and referrals. The industry's two premier experts on customer satisfaction will discuss these startling results and specific, groundbreaking implications for homebuilders.

Managing the Emotional Homeowner

From elated to frantic and back again, a remodeling project is an emotional roller coaster not only for the homeowner but for the builder as well. Learn how to manage these emotions.

Measuring Satisfaction & Maximizing Performance

Distinguish yourself from competitors. Motivate your employees. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Make customer satisfaction more than a vague reference in your mission statement.

Companies That Generate Referrals the Best

Learn what the best companies do to establish and manage customer expectations, maximize satisfaction, and harvest referrals. Data from the 2003 NRS National Homeowner Satisfaction Remodeler and Builder Studies will be presented and discussed.

Diversified Builders Design & Build in Non-Residential Construction

It's not only the home buyer who's concerned with style, the commercial construction market has also distinguished its look. Learn what's involved in making these projects desirable for the communities of which they're a part.

Healthy Homes, Healthy People

How poor design, construction, or maintenance of buildings may lead to the production of organic or nonorganic materials that may cause the occupants of these buildings to become ill will be the focus of this discussion.

Spread the Risk: Builder & Remodeler Diversification

Explore diversification opportunities for builders and remodelers. Understand the ups and downs of builders entering the lucrative remodeling market and vice-versa. Learn to spread the risk between these two related, but distinctly different, niches.

Current & Future Trends in the Self-Storage Business

The self-storage industry is a rapidly growing segment of the real estate community. New facilities are being built within residential and commercial projects. Learn how to include self-storage as a part of your development portfolio.

Managing Risk for the Remodeler and Home Builder

Remodelers need to quantify and understand their risk. This session will teach you how to follow the four steps of managing risk: assess, measure, mitigate, and proceed.

Diversification Makes Money: Moving into Light Commercial Construction

Seeing a downturn in the residential market? Start planning for the future and learn another way to make money. Build your profitability and create a new revenue stream. Self-storage, strip malls, franchises, schools, and libraries are just a part of the mix that will be open for you!

Mixing Uses, Worth the Headache?

Developing truly mixed-use neighborhoods is filled with complications, from financing to construction, to sales and rental. So why do it? And if you do, what are the strategies you need to know?

Recommended Bidding Procedures

This presentation covers the APSE recommended procedures to be used on competitively bid projects. These range from soliciting, receiving, and submitting bids to the pre-qualification of contractors by the owner.

Finance & Housing Programs Attracting New Buyers & Renters Through Innovative Financing Techniques

Leaders in the housing finance industry describe the financing tools that builders can use to reach new markets. The program provides information on innovative loan programs and products, covering the latest breaking developments in the primary and secondary mortgage markets.

Building Partnerships for Profit

Experts will provide tips on making connections and overcoming obstacles to profitably meet the needs of emerging markets through community development and outreach.

What's New in Single Family Finance?

Experts from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA provide timely insights into recent developments in single-family finance for new homes.

Construction Financing: The Basics & Beyond

Having a hard time getting construction financing or paying too much? Learn how to apply for construction financing to get the lowest costs and best terms for your business.

Opportunities for Builders in the Military Housing Market

Builders will learn about opportunities to construct, rehabilitate, and manage family housing and barracks on military installations through the Department of Defense's Military Housing Privatization Initiative. While each service has a unique approach, the program combines development, home building, and rehabilitation with some form of long-term property management. Military housing privatization experts will provide an overview of how the programs work and how NAHB members can participate in this effort.

Free Construction Money

Construction/Perm mortgages save money for the buyer and protect the builder's line of credit. Learn how to make C/P work for your company and your clients.

Mortgage Partnerships for Builders

This program will focus on forming controlled business arrangement partnerships with a mortgage lender to legally share in the income when your buyers finance their homes.

Ideas & Innovations You Have a Problem, We Have a Solution

Here's your chance to hear some common problems in designing for the active adult market and how the experts respond with planning, architectural, and interior merchandising solutions.

Economic Information: What It Means & How to Use It

Learn where to find economic data--permits, starts, market share, and new home sales--and how to interpret and use this data to develop sales strategies and increase business.

Eight Great Teamwork Tools You Can't Live Without!

Discover the DNA of highly successful teams and learn to unleash talent, improve morale, boost productivity, and lead every day with "Can do!" enthusiasm.

On the Road to Winning EnergyValue Housing Award Applications

Many consumers favor builders that are committed to environmental stewardship. Learn from Energy Value Housing Award (EVHA) judges and winners how to position your company as a leader and how to prepare a winning EVHA application.

Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

Pick up practical construction tips and learn how to use this Green Technology to reduce construction costs using ASCE Standard 32-01, now code-approved for homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.

Harness The Selling Power in You

Discover your personal charisma, confidence, and inspiration with "America's Construction Industry Motivator." Caution: you may laugh out loud or cry inside. You will definitely be refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-energized!

The Best Remodeling Companies to Work for

Make your company the employer of choice for the best talent around. It's not just about the benefits.

International Cost Efficient Housing Technology: Tips for the World

Adopt successful US home building technology for efficiency, profitability, and also apply lifestyle design elements to your country's evolving housing market.

Housing Around the World: Find Out About Other Major Markets

Industry experts from China, Japan, Mexico, Poland, and South Africa will bring you up to date on the housing industry in these countries. Be on hand for stimulating discussion with speakers and participating international delegates about existing needs and opportunities.

Mexico's Housing Market: Its Investment & Business Opportunities

A panel of experts from Mexico's Housing Commission and other key private and public agencies will provide an overview of the housing industry, how it is evolving to meet growing demand, and identify opportunities for trade and investment in Mexico.

Reality vs. Fact: Building American Homes in China

This seminar highlights the pros and cons of doing business in China. All speakers have completed successful projects and offices there. Find out if this would be good for your company's growth.

Thinking About Exporting? Here's What You Need to Know

International trade experts from key public and private sector groups will introduce and help you navigate through the various programs of assistance available to help you do business abroad. You'll come away knowing where to turn and what you need to do next to get export assistance.

Position Yourself for the Global Economy: Learn About Partnering

One effective way to get established in other country's markets is through viable partnerships. Experts with hands-on experience will address identifying prospective partners, country-specific legal and regulatory environments, and cross-cultural aspects of doing business.

Land Development & Environmental Regulations Building Community, Building Value

Create a sense of space for today's discriminating buyer, win municipal approvals, while increasing your bottom line. Learn more about the link between community design and profit.

NIMBYs, Land Use Choices, & Low Impact Development

This session will present findings from recent research in areas related to sprawl, environmental regulations, and infrastructure choices, and give builders new insight for providing housing in today's markets.

Property Rights & Land Development Law

Expert commentary by nationally-recognized land use attorneys on issues including land use, zoning, environmental law, litigation, and other associated real estate development matters. This program is particularly useful to builders and developers.

TNDs: Meeting Challenges & Creating Opportunities

In most metropolitan areas it is becoming increasingly difficult to find large parcels of land available for development. Utilize TND principles to maximize your number of units per acre.

Where's the Land?

Finite land supply and regulatory restrictions force creative land use solutions. Underutilized property is under pressure to increase use and density. Learn strategies necessary for success in today's building environment.

Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

A discussion of innovative infrastructure financing alternatives to impact fees, proffers, and excise taxes. The panel will discuss strategies for implementing various tools under different types of enabling authority.

Tips for the First-Time Developer

The program emphasizes what you need to know about site planning, market and financial feasibility, and community design, while conveying important lessons and tips for the homebuilder who wants to branch out and play the development game.

Challenges & Advantages of Mixed Use Development

Learn about the benefits of mixed-use projects and the strategies necessary for success, particularly around transit stations. The discussion will include the topics of financing, construction, sales, and rental.

Land Planning Workshop

In this ever-popular program, nationally known land planners will be available to review your development plans one-on-one. Don't miss this annual opportunity to obtain free advice from the experts.

Septic Systems: New Technology & Management Strategies for On-Site Systems

This session focuses on new technologies to treat household waste on-site and how to work with local public health officials to convince them that new technologies are environmentally sound.

Show Me the Green

Green development and sustainability are in increasing demand. Sustainable designs from open space to natural resource preservation are a priority. Learn the multitude of benefits resulting from environmental site sensitivity.

Storm Water Regulations: Phase I, II, & Effluent Limitation

This session reviews the requirements of stormwater Phase I and Phase II regulations, and the status of the effluent limitation guidelines, another stormwater regulation under development by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Opportunities in Infill

Learn how to minimize constraints and maximize potential in infill properties and profit from passed-over urban and suburban sites. Hear about how to address existing infrastructre, NIMBY issues, financing, and expediting approvals.

Overcoming Barriers to Smart Growth

Communities and policymakers desire Smart Growth Development--codes and regulations still prohibit it. Learn to deal with regulatory barriers and convince your community to legalize and expedite Smart Growth projects, while marketing your "smart density" project successfully.

Multifamily Dream It, Build It, Fill It Up: Marketing Your Mulitfamily Property

Now that you've built your multifamily property, how do you make sure to lease all the units? Learning marketing tricks-of-the-trade will ensure the success of your new venture.

Dream It, Then Build It: Developing & Financing Your Multifamily Property

Learn what you should consider before breaking ground on a new multifamily development project and how to find financing for your vision.

The Cutting Edge: Active Adult Apartments and Condominiums

The future holds substantial opportunity for rental apartments for the 55+ age market. There will be a case study of market rate apartments and one in a mixed use setting with homes and condos. Market demand distinctions will also be highlighted.

A Home for Everyone: Affordable Housing Development Opportunity

No matter where the market in conventional multifamily housing is, the demand for an affordable product remains constant. This session examines the intersection of this need and the opportunities for developers to expand their business.

Finding Lost Space for Multifamily Development

With shrinking land supply, developers are getting proactive in searching out sites for new development. Learn creative design solutions that take advantage of some non-traditional sites.

Multifamily Finance: Change & Innovation in Today's Market

This program will provide multi-family builders an opportunity to hear about the latest innovations in multifamily finance from experts who are directly involved in the development and implementation of new products, programs, and policies.

Making Tough Senior Multi-Family Sites Work

If it were an easy site someone would have already developed it. The panel--an architect, a landscape architect, and a developer--will investigate a range of typical site challenges and suggest creative techniques to deal with them.

Multifamily Accessibility: Legal Update

Aggressive enforcement of multi-family accessibility has resulted in recent decisions with major impact on multifamily builders. Discuss new rulings on questions of who can sue, when claims can be brought, and other related subjects.

The New Kid on the Block: Age Qualified Multifamily Housing

This program looks at the emerging market for rental multifamily housing, the next big BOOM in seniors housing. It explores the history of and defines this market, trends, and emerging opportunities for builders.

Multifamily Design & Planning Trends

This program will address the best of multi-family design communities including mixed-use, town center designs. See how to deal with parking, retail, and civic spaces in high-density plans.

Organizational & Business Management 50 Sensational Ideas to Revolutionize Your Business

This high-energy, high-content session will give attendees 50 ideas for running their businesses more efficiently and profitably. Insightful ideas will flow on marketing, management, customers, family business management, and more.

A Peek into Home Building's Future with Management Mandates for Today

This program will assist home builders in their future planning and business projections.

Building an Even-Flow Production System

This program presents the mechanics, features, requirements, and benefits of an even-flow production system, using an actual SAI building company client as a case study.

Building Quality into Your Process: Teaming with Certified Trade Contractors

Developing a quality assurance plan that connects with your trade contractors is a key to quality success at an affordable price. Hear about the NAHB Research Center's National Housing Quality program approach to quality systems.

Construction: It's a Great Career!

You're all critical partners: homebuilders, contractors, HBAs, educators, and students. This program showcases your role in advancing careers in the home building industry.

Controlling Profits: QuickBooks Pro(R)

Achieve increased profitability with QuickBooks Pro(R) by setting goals, tracking detailed job costs, and controlling operations. Maximize QuickBooks(R) value, power, and flexibility with an integrated, logical, structured system and approach.

Critical Management Reports

Builders are constantly overloaded with reports on all aspects of their business. This program will help a builder identify the key reports needed to run their company more efficiently. This session will discuss how to manage a building company using metrics, which are the key numbers that make a company tick.

Dealing with the Economic Environment

The present economic environment is full of unknowns. Builders need to be prepared to react quickly to the trends. Listen to an "action list" of necessary steps that must be taken to be ready for future opportunities and survival.

High Performance Builders: Benchmark with National Housing Quality Award Winners

This program takes an in-depth look at the leading quality practices of the 2004 National Housing Quality Award winners. Benchmark their quality methods, results, and how they make it happen. Learn from the best in an interactive panel discussion.

It's My Decision: What's the Financial Impact?

Learn how to use your company's break even point to analyze the financial impact of critical decisions. This analysis will allow the builder to role play "what if" scenarios prior to implementation and show the impact of decisions on the bottom line.

Protecting Your Assets with Risk Management

This program teaches builders how to implement a comprehensive risk management program that will help protect their assets against construction defect litigation.

Technology Tricks of the Trade

Compete with the "big boys." It's simple if you know the high-tech tricks of the trade. Software, PDAs, wireless services, digital cameras... and much more. All easy, and quick ROI!

Designing & Building Strategic Business Plans That Work!

This program is designed to provide proven strategic business planning processes and skills that will allow any business owner or leader to understand, plan, and execute effective business planning strategies for their organizations and ultimately assure a sustainable competitive-advantage.

Estate Planning for the Closely Held Business

A panel of experts will discuss topics such as planning techniques for business owners with real estate interests, creating liquidity for retirement, and ensuring the financial future of the owner's family.

Family Business Communication: From the Kitchen Table to the Conference Table II

Assure that your business runs smoothly and family members communicate easily. Studies indicate that communication challenges count for 60% of family-owned business failure. This eye-opening presentation gives you tools to improve your relationships, resulting in a better run business and a closer family.

Managing Construction Superintendents

Learn how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each superintendent and how to coach them. Conduct classroom training that will immediately reduce costs and improve product quality.

Resolutions for Financial Success in 2004 & Beyond

The beginning of the year is a great time for setting New Year's resolutions. This program will highlight some key resolutions, that if implemented, will lead to improved financial success.

Small Volume Strategies for Tying Up Land and Lots

The best small volume builders are savvy when it comes to buying land and lots. This panel will present strategies for controlling land without owning it and how to always get the best parcels.

Strategies for Dealing with the Home Builders' Insurance Crisis

A review of the PATH Quality Roundtable, formed in 2003 among builders, researchers, and insurers to explore today's home builder insurance issues. The group reviews strategies for homebuilders, including quality certification.

Unlocking Your Profit Potential: Managing Contracts, Allowances, & Change Orders

Learn methods on how to improve your Change Order Management through allowances, cost plus vs. fixed price COs, 15 CO examples, using CO summaries and contract wording regarding your company's CO processes.

90 Minute Law School

This session provides an overview of key legal issues for builders, remodelers, and associated trades, including matters related to contract and constitutional law, business entities, copyright law, and the court system.

Are You Over-Promising & Under-Producing?

Builders are an optimistic lot; we want to please the client and deliver quickly. So, why are there client stories of long, drawn-out projects and missed schedules? Studies in other industries have shown that having a written schedule is the single most important aspect of meeting deadlines and producing a project on time.

Information Technology: Evaluating Software, Knowing What Works & What Doesn't

Information Technology allows you to level the playing field with bigger builders. If you don't have a very strong IT background, this presentation is a must.

It's Much Easier to Keep Great People Than It Is to Find Them

The competition for great people is intense. The outstanding executives and top performers are being recruited by other builders and their search firms. Slashing turnover and retaining these individuals must be a key goal for every leader and manager. Learn how a number of the most recognized and best managed builders have established processes to accomplish this objective.

Planning for Technology Success: Think Before You Buy!

Stop throwing money away on "shelfware." Learn to write and implement a bulletproof technology plan in five easy steps, and guarantee the ROI and success of your next technology project!

The Basics of Estimating in the 21st Century

Your estimating can be done more accurately and in a fraction of the time. Learn the basics of setting up a customized estimating spreadsheet. Find out how simple, easy, and accurate estimating can be.

Time Management for Builders & Contractors

None of us ever has enough time. The key is working smarter, not harder! Come hear a builder tell his secrets to getting more done in less time. The direct impact on your bottom line, personal health, and satisfaction will be amazing.

Top 40 from the Top 40

The latest and greatest construction innovations that lower builders' costs and improve housing quality, as drawn from the nation's top 40 homebuilders, will be brought to you by builders and construction experts.

Trade Tracking in the Field: A Key to Profit Growth

Capital Pacific implemented field based tracking of schedule versus actual dates for trades. The result was improved pricing, reduced dry runs and office staff, and more field time for managers.

Using PSAs & PDAs to Save Time & Money

Improve closing ratios to 75-90% by better qualifying buyers up-front. Stop giving your services away and start developing relationships with real buyers at the design stage.

What is Overhead & Where is Profit?

Learn how to increase profits by understanding your overhead. Work through examples to help define overhead for estimating, pricing, and proposal purposes.

Worker Training: Key to Bottom Line Performance

Want to increase your profit margin? A trained employee is a better-performing worker. Learn about techniques, resources, and support for managers seeking to improve the quality of their workforce.

Communication Tools to Enhance Productivity & Profitability

The effectiveness of your business depends on how information is shared between you and your employees, your subs, your vendors, and your customers. Learn how to use interpersonal skills coupled with creative technology to better communicate with your shareholders in such areas as sales, scheduling, purchasing, payables, and warranty service.

How to Run an Effective Meeting

Bad Meetings = Bad Business. Are your meetings fulfilling their maximum potential? Discover important strategies to make your meetings shine! Learn how your business or organization can run and benefit from more effective meetings.

Nailing Profitability

Learn how to leverage opportunities, convert buyer demand into competitive advantage, and compete in a price sensitive market!

New Community Start-Up: Stop the Bleeding Now!

Most builders are guilty of poorly-planned, ad hoc community startup, whether buying lots or developing their own. The results are massive losses and extreme stress on the organization. This is a major problem for 98% of U.S. builders and few know what to do about it, although most are very interested. Specific strategies and techniques can be adopted to stop current losses and prevent future ones.

The Magic of the Numbers: What Are They Telling Us?

Learn how to structure your accounting system to generate meaningful reports and understand the significance of the message that the numbers are sending.

Total Quality Transformations

How companies that have won the National Housing Quality award transformed their companies and continue to improve in all areas of business performance will be the focus of this program.

OSHA, Construction Safety, Workers Comp Scaffold Safety

In 2002, OSHA cited approximately 8,000 construction employers for scaffolding violations. Don't be next to receive a citation! Learn how to comply with OSHA's scaffold regulations and keep workers safe when working on and around scaffolds.

Surviving an OSHA Inspection

Learn what to do when OSHA comes knocking at your door, including steps you should take to protect your business and defend against OSHA citations, as well as special circumstances surrounding serious injuries and fatalities.

Implementing an Effective Safety Program

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Builders need a good safety program. Not only does it save lives but it drives down unseen costs buried within insurance premiums, workers compensation costs, and OSHA citations. It can literally save a company thousands of dollars.

Sales & Marketing Are You Overpaying for Underproduction?

Most builders' sales compensation programs overpay for underproduction. Learn the "why to" and the "how to" of targeted compensation. The formula for designing a compensation program to increase sales and decrease costs will be presented.

Build a Successful Sales Program

Builders and sales professionals will learn how to improve their own sales programs from the presentation and discussion of the compilation of 40 field-tested forms used to organize and administer a successful community sales program.

Maximize Profitability Through Effective Marketing

Learn where to spend your valuable marketing dollars to move your homes at maximum profit in this fast-paced program designed for small to mid-sized builders and developers.

Seeing is Believing: 10 Essential Steps to Master Your Sales Process

Renowned sales trainers Charles Clarke III, Melinda Brody and Roland Nairnsey incorporate visually stimulating real video clips from across the country to reinforce the 10 essentials to sales mastery.

The Five "Ps" of Marketing

An overview of marketing for the smaller builder, this will provide the necessary background for good marketing priorities and strategy.

The Market is Slowing but Your Sales Don't Have To

How to determine realistic opportunities and strategies for growth and additional sales in a slowing market environment.

The Sales Management Summit Conference (Parts 1 & 2)

Join the best and brightest in a fast-paced, hard-hitting summit on sales management. Take away specific ideas to improve performance and profitability. High energy. Solid content. For Builders.

Branding Trends

This program will educate builders on how to develop their own brand. An expert panel from the building industry will discuss ways to promote and differentiate builder brands.

Differentiate or Die

Learn how three builders re-positioned their companies through innovative marketing and advertising strategies, resulting in increased traffic, sales, and profits.

Diversity & Differentiation: Key Strategies for Entry

This program shares the research, niche product opportunities, and strategies to increase market share and profitability with builders seeking to diversify their product offerings.

Effective Internet Sales & Marketing

Consumers are using the Internet to find homes. What do they expect and what should builders deliver? Be web-smart, avoid mistakes, and learn how to follow-up on leads.

Powerful Marketing and Your USP

Learn the true secret to successful, results-oriented marketing. If you do not know why your prospects should buy from you, THEY DON'T EITHER! Understand your unique selling proposition.

Practical Public Relations Tips for Builders

Interested in maximizing the visibility of your company? This session offers practical public relations ideas, tips, and strategies for all homebuilders. Learn how to work with the media, tackle special events, and design promotions that sell your company.

Super Bowl Sales Rally: Hosted by NAHB's National Sales & Marketing Council

Join us during NAHB's International Builders' Show for the best attended educational program offered, and hear recognized industry experts in new home sales and sales management share their experience and practical techniques for maximizing sales.

Wal-Mart, Ralph Lauren, & You

The housing and retail industries have many similarities. Learn from retail and advertising experts about how to use proven marketing and advertising techniques to gain market share and increase profits.

Winning the Job Without Leaving Profit on the Table

A linear sales process for remodelers and small builders using a fresh approach to consultant sales that is comfortable yet effective, allowing even those who hate sales to work smarter, not harder.

104 Ideas for the Year 2004

Four industry professionals give 104 winning ideas for success in the year 2004. Learn exciting new promotional, advertising, and merchandising ideas in this energetic program!

Defining the Hispanic Market & Ways to Reach It

This proposal is designed to target the fast-growing Hispanic market and show effective, culturally creative ways in which to reach a specific targeted market.

Generational Selling: Inside Gen Y and Gen X

Feeling older as your buyers get younger? Gen X and Gen Y are over 120 million strong. Find out how external influences--MTV and Columbine--affect their 200 billion dollar buying power.

Getting It

When salespeople understand the big picture, they outstrip expections. A little difference in understanding creates huge differences in performance. A panel of experts spotlights how to upgrade the entire staff.

Marketing as a Full-Contact Sport

Builders looking to succeed in today's marketplace should look to the strategies and tactics long employed by consumer marketers. Learn how to collect data, leverage consumer trends, and build relationships.

Memory Points: Interior Design & Merchandising

Learn the importance of model home design and how memory points are used to appeal to the unique lifestyle needs of the potential buyer while enhancing the architecture of the home.

Profit Builders: A Case Study

Learn how a builder increased sales and profits by 65% in one year through innovative research, product development, marketing, advertising, and sales management.

Results-Minded Marketing

From snappy direct mail pieces to heartwarming radio ads, these award-winning marketing efforts generated lots of leads and big sales. Learn the strategies that made them work.

The 10 Step Selling Plan Meets Tucker's Toolbox

Increase your income immediately by learning ten sales presentation rules and ten construction related features and benefits of the home. Empower yourself with the "Keys to the Kingdom of Success."

Cash-In on Conservation Neighborhoods

This seminar will provide attendees with an understanding of how builders and developers can design and market conservation neighborhoods. Site planning practices, water quality data, and marketing concepts will be offered by a large builder and environmental consultant employing this development style in Wisconsin.

Harnessing the Buying Power of Ethnic Communities

Relating to ethnic customers on their own terms increases the chances of you becoming the preferred agent for an entire community, enjoying repeat sales and long-term dividends. We will discuss how generating repeat sales to ethnically diverse home buyers requires an understanding of their unique requests.

How to Influence Your Prospects to Buy from You

Discover how to convert more of your prospects into bona fide clients. This lively session will help you learn the four elements of a "Super Presentation" and how to present yourself with confidence and charisma.

Increase Presales, Build Less Models, Save Money

Utilize the latest VR, Web, and email tools to increase your presales and margins. Use the same techniques to reduce your model home inventory and traditional advertising costs while maintaining or increasing sales.

Seniors Housing Active Adult Housing for a Blue Collar Market Segment

A builder presents a small community development from raw ground through site plan, floor plans, merchandising, advertising, and collateral material to houses in the ground for "blue collar" buyers.

Maximize Profits Through Strategic Marketing & Management

Learn how to increase your profits while meeting the demands of the active adult buyer. Strategies on how to increase your profits through better marketing and management will also be presented.

New & Innovative Ways to Reach Active Adults

This program focuses on the customer's experience via buyer profile, how a customer is first created through marketing research conducted with the purpose of profiling and locating them, how the customer is attracted to a community, what excites the customer to purchase a home, and customer service issues.

Out of the Mouths of Builders ... Profit Secrets of Universal Design

Across the country, builders have been profiting from featuring universal design elements in their homes. As communities explore initiatives to meet the diverse housing needs of all citizens, builders voluntarily respond by designing for a lifetime of needs. Learn how to design and profit by including universal design features in your homes.

What's Hot, What's Not, & How to Make Money Selling It

Experts reveal the top 15 most-wanted standard features and hottest options for today's 55+ buyer, plus proven strategies to increase option sales, improve the design center experience, and streamline your internal procedures.

Boomers on the Horizon: How to Capture This Market

Over 10,600 Baby Boomers turn 50 daily and 55% think they might move to a new home at retirement. Learn six steps to capture this burgeoning market by building the home and lifestyle they want.

The Best of Active Adult Housing Design: Award Winning Floorplans

All new program! Discover what makes a seniors housing design an award-winner when the judges critique the best active adult, single-family floor plans from the 2003/2004 Best of Seniors Housing Design Awards.

Creating and Marketing Easy Living Designs for Active Adults

Learn from experts in universal design and marketing, and custom and production building, who have experienced universal design, offering ideas and insights to help you use it in your production and profits.

Successful Selling Techniques for Active Adults

There are some very important issues to consider when selling to the active adult market. This program shares what is necessary for the sales team and builder to be successful.

Trends & Forecasting Housing & Economic Outlook

Where will the economy go in 2004? This program will focus on the state of the nation's economy and its impact on housing. Nationally known economists and housing market analysts will discuss the outlook for employment, prices, financing (both long-term and short-term), and the state of the housing market in 2004.

Homes & Home Buyers of Tomorrow

Which products or features are considered "must have" in a home? What living spaces would shoppers trade for others? Which community features are most likely to influence home shoppers to move to a new community? What are home shoppers prepared to give up in order to make homes more affordable? What price do shoppers expect to pay, and which types of homes would they seriously consider buying?

The Remodeling Market

Where is the remodeling market headed in 2004? Will remodeling track the overall economy? What makes this market special?