Everyone knows home purchases are emotional. Wyndham Farm's appeal to buyers' psyches is rocketing sales to 10 a month.

Wyndham Farm prefers "homesite" to "lot." Its sales staff calls standards "premium included features." Simple but elegant twists like these give young professional buyers the feeling the world revolves around their reasonably priced homes. Homes that sit on 1/2-acre lots in a typical 1/4-acre-lot market. Wyndham's customer appeal doesn't stop with semantics. For every new-home purchase, the builder, M. Rieder, throws a ground-breaking ceremony and party for the new residents' family and friends. The new owners are presented with a painted shovel bearing their names, and the buyer turns over the lot's first shovelful of dirt; then the group retreats to the sales center for a party. All at a marginal cost to the builder. OK, so the world only revolves around the sun. What surrounds Wyndham Farm are backdrops of mountains and farmland, all within commutable distance of New York City.

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