Why it worked: Half-level elevations enhance a feeling of spaciousness inside and improve accessibility to the streetscape outside. The no-upkeep lots are attractive to empty-nesters and active adults.

* The three-story townhomes are built on half-levels--with entrances a half-level above the street to ease accessibility and the living room one-and-a-half stories high to maximize light and enhance openness.

* With no yards to maintain and proximity to parks, the project has attracted primarily empty-nesters and active adults through their late 70s.

* Foxhall is part of neo-urbanist Orenco Station, which includes a Main Street with restaurants, a grocery store, and lofts. A light-rail station gives access to the urban amenities of nearby Hillsboro, Ore., and a direct ride into downtown Portland. The rail system also connects the community to Portland International Airport.

* The row houses are not isolated from single-family homes in a "townhouse corral," so Foxhall residents can interact easily with the rest of the neighborhood.

Joy Schmieg

* Foxhall was the last phase of the very successful 150-acre Orenco Station, so it had added value as soon as it opened.

Project Credits

Project: Foxhall Rowhomes, Orenco Station, Ore.; Sales started: May 2002; Sales through September 2003: 15; Number of units planned: 26; Price: $290,000 to $379,000; Unit size: 2,100 square feet; Developer/Builder: PacTrust, Portland, Ore., and Costa Pacific Homes, Wilsonville, Ore.; Architect: Iverson Associates, Newport Beach, Calif.; Interior designer: Barrie Connelly & Associates, Boise, Idaho; Landscape architect: Walker Macy, Portland

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