Why it worked: The flexible floor plans, the low-maintenance yards, an emphasis on green space, and its proximity to a California State University branch help make this a family-friendly neighborhood.

* Five models offer three different exteriors and add-ons.

* Fifty lots face "lanes" rather than a street, an innovation in California's Central Valley. These lanes emphasize the neighborhood and de-emphasize the garage and car, thus providing safe places for kids to play.

* The development is adjacent to a new high school, a sports complex, and the Turlock Irrigation District Canal, with a pedestrian and bike path.

* The closest competition--although offering similar-sized homes at a lower cost per square foot--is in a less desirable location.

John R. Bare

* Thanks to its excellent location and strong demand, base prices increase by $3,000 to $4,000 at each release.

Project Credits

Project: Rose Walk, Turlock, Calif.; Sales started: November 2002; Sales through September 2003: 85; Number of units planned: 220; Price: $217,000 to $270,000; Unit size: 1,100 to 2,200 square feet; Developer/Builder: Florsheim Homes, Stockton, Calif.; Architect: William Hezmalhalch Architects, Santa Ana, Calif.; Land planner: Florsheim Homes, Santa Ana, and William Hezmalhalch Architects, Santa Ana; Interior designer: Neilson and Associates, Nevada City, Calif.; Landscape architect: Ripley Design Group, Walnut Creek, Calif.

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