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Though tough times in the housing industry may keep some builders from making the trip to IBS ’09, the annual convention’s return to Las Vegas and a financially respectful fee structure might be enough to attract those on the left coast who stayed home during the Show’s four-year run in Orlando.

For first-time attendees, the NAHB once again will host a free orientation program, including breakfast, prior to the Show’s official opening. Association members who indicate on their registration that they are first-timers will receive an invitation to the event and must RSVP to attend. The agenda includes advice from seasoned IBS veterans, a rundown of Show highlights, and a Q&A session that promises to cover everything from where to catch the show home bus to whether a straight beats a full house. The event is scheduled for Tues., Jan. 20, at 7:00 a.m. For more information, contact Denise Miller at dmiller@nahb.com.

The NAHB is also offering an expanded, à la carte registration fee structure that allows attendees to tailor their visit without committing to a full conference registration. Exhibit-only passes, lower rates for first-time attendees, and the ability to purchase passes for one, five, or 10 seminar programs of the attendee’s choice are among the options designed to help ease the financial and time burdens that might scare off interested builders.

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