John McManus Photo: Katherine Lambert

BIG BUILDER is giving its annual event a makeover Nov. 9 to 13, and we'd like you to join us to make this transformation a reality.

Here's our situation. America's home building leaders stand at the crux of the most complex economic, business, and social issues of our time.

Global recessionary forces have reshaped and continue to morph the ideas of both the built environment and homeownership in America. Locally, a need for new homes grows dire in some markets, even as overcapacity gluts others, and will do so for months and months to come. No critical challenge in America—jobs, health care, energy, financial regulation—can be tackled without finally getting housing value stabilized.

The heavy hand of government policy and free enterprise markets have never much enjoyed an easygoing bond. But the reality is that—until home building company capacity and need for housing re-couple—Main Street, Wall Street, and Capitol Hill must forge a balance. The three need to focus on what can be done to stave off further household wealth destruction and restore healthy supply and demand levels, both to for-sale and for-rent housing.

America's leading home builders aren't and never were simply builders of houses. America's leading home builders are hirers of talented people who need jobs; they're makers of sustainable communities that spin off value to cities, counties, states, and the nation; they're taxpayers and profit generators for investors and stakeholders. And the big builders happen to have an inimitable knack for being the way for many Americans to fulfill a dream of homeownership.

As living, breathing companies, home builders today have to do two things very well. One is to learn what home buyer customers need from them, and two is to use the best manufacturing and business disciplines to deliver that.

This is where our transformed event comes in. You can have a sneak peek look on