I started this new job and was assigned to an office with a neon sign that says “BUILDER” hanging in it. Anyone who has ever seen one of my old offices or cubicles would think this is hilarious—I’m the one who installed a pre-hung door on his cubicle and custom-made storm windows in his office. Walking into an office that already resembles a tavern was truly a welcome sign.

But this isn’t about me. BUILDER magazine is about you, the reader. We want to know how the magazine has been working for you and how it has not. We’d like you to help us improve our feature articles and departments to better deliver the information that you need to do business.

To that end, we’ve devised a simple survey—we’ve kept it short so that it is easy for you to give us quick feedback. If enough of you answer our 10 questions, we’ll ask 10 more in a future issue.

You can complete the survey at www.surveymonkey.com/s/NGQXV5L.

If you have trouble with the survey, or if you have any questions or comments in general, feel free to email me directly at dmorrison@hanleywood.com, and I will answer you.

The survey is a quickie that I made with SurveyMonkey, a free Web-based software tool. When you finish the survey, you will be redirected to a SurveyMonkey page that encourages you to fill out surveys for charity. I don’t know anything about that; if you want to fill out more surveys, knock yourself out. And a big thanks for helping us.

After all, we make BUILDER for you. If we were making it for us, it would be full of neon signs and dogs riding skateboards.