BUILDER is approached regularly about reviewing products that would be of interest to our readers. We think it makes a lot more sense to have builders try them out. This month, we share the results of a test of Office Depot’s new large-format printing services. Many thanks to Rob Lee, a partner at Chesapeake Development in Chamblee, Ga., and to Office Depot for providing $200 worth of printing services for the test.

Here is Lee’s review:

Chesapeake is a small home building company that is committed to quality and unique design. Because of my background in architecture and design, we carry this commitment through the creation of all of our sales and marketing material. We really try to create concise and unique collateral that reflects the characteristics of our company.

With that in mind, we are always searching for printing companies that will accommodate our desire for quality, yet understand that we have to prepare these pieces to fit within our budget.

We were excited and slightly apprehensive when we discovered that Office Depot was offering large-format custom printing and mounting services. We are accustomed to working with small printing companies who are local to the Atlanta market, but we often pay a premium to those small companies, reflected either in actual cost or time to deliver a print job. We were hoping that Office Depot would offer great pricing due to its size, but wondered if we would get technicians and designers who would understand our needs.

After speaking with Cynthia at the Office Depot printing desk, I quickly realized that commitment to customer service was at the core of its business. I asked questions pertaining to types of prints available, mounting options, and pricing, and Cynthia completely understood the objective and offered additional design services.

She said that if everything was as I had described, printing and mounting the job on a 24-inch-by-36-inch piece of foamcore would be simple. She said the job would be ready in two to three days and that someone from Office Depot would call to let us know when the job was ready for pickup.

I signed the order form and hoped that the location map that we needed for the opening of a sales center in a new community would really be ready in time and look good. We were extremely busy finishing the model home, and I actually missed the call from Jon at Office Depot the next day. About four days after initially dropping off my file to be printed, I stopped by the Office Depot store to see when the print would be ready.

Jon quickly told me that the print had been ready for a couple of days and that he had called and left messages at my office. ... Jon pulled my print; I reviewed it against the sample I had left them and verified that I was happy with the print.

The colors were bright and vibrant, and the mounting was smooth and clean. ... I paid the invoice and left completely satisfied and confident that my next print job would be just as painless.—Rob Lee

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