By BUILDER Magazine Staff. BuildTopia recently released BT Sales, a sales front-end that lets builders manage contracts, options, and change orders seamlessly over a Web interface.

BT Sales integrates into BuildTopia's core construction management product, BT Complete, which is now used by nearly 60 production builders nationally.

Here's how BT Sales works: A salesperson starts a meeting with a home buyer by assigning a rating, or "prospect type," based on how serious the prospect is and enters all relevant information, including a survey detailing how the buyer found the community, the referral source, the buyer's price range, and when the buyer is looking to move.

Once buyer information is entered, salespeople bring up specific house types and available lots. Salespeople help buyers pick out options and compare different loan types online. Then they print out a workup, which includes pertinent financial information, such as down payment, closing costs, and mortgage and escrow payments.

The contract is then automatically generated and posted to a link that can be accessed by the sales manager, who views the documents relating to the prospect and approves or denies the contract. Once the contract is approved, all change orders are posted in the system. BT Sales costs $65 to $85 per user, per month; customers are also charged a one-time implementation fee starting at $2,700.