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The Wall Street Journal posits that if home prices fail to drop to a level inline with consumer expectations, low mortgage rates will remain a non-issue.

The Housing Bubble likens housing's current downturn to a game of musical chairs, which begs the question: When the music stops, what will we be left with?

Seeking Alpha takes a look at the role played by the media in the recent 19% decline of Countrywide's stock to a new 52-week low.

The U.N. expresses fears that the U.S. real estate market could lead to a global recession.

Dr. Housing Bubble examines Southern California's substantial inventory decrease and explains that, no, this does not mean the market has reached the elusive bottom.

The Inman News blog reports on the current effort to establish XML-based data standards for real estate listings, which will enable brokers to send the same data stream to multiple aggregators.

In light of Scripps Networks' latest Web site launch featuring various real estate-themed Webisodes, BusinessWeek's Hot Property blog predicts that cable television stocks could be the next to take a hit.

Reggie Middleton's Boom Bust blog dissects a recent NAR press release, with some interesting tips on how Realtors could hope to bolster future sales.