A brand-new North Carolina home builder is making its mark with an interactive graphic on its web site that details the history of American housing.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Fielding Homes, launched recently by Crescent Communities, draws customers onto its web site with an impressive video presentation as well as a cool interactive infographic that explores top design and technology trends of the past 90 years. Here are a few top takeaways, noted by RIS Media's Zoe Eisenberg.

--Average home size in the 1960s was 1,200 square feet.

--In the '80s, the average number of televisions per household was 1.50, and the average listing price was just over $216,000.

--In the '90s, the average square feet per home had nearly doubled from the '60s, moving up to 2,080.

A decade-by-decade tour of how housing has been influenced by major historical events.

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