Buying your first home is extremely exciting, but also a little bit intimidating. There are more than a few aspects to owning a home people don't think about when they sign the paperwork.

A recent Reddit chat revealed the numerous things first-time homeowners wished they had known when they bought their first house. Country Living rounded up 15 of the best comments, and many centered around products they needed to buy, that would also make a good gift in a house warming basket: a stud finder, a bucket, a dolly, a step stool, a wheel barrow, and a tool kit.

The biggest tip: get an insurance quote before you buy.

4. Get an insurance quote before you buy. "It turns out insurance companies know everything about the house: Crime rates in the area, flood and fire risk, what ground the house is built on, claims in the neighborhood, etc. They told me more about my place than the Realtor and inspector," said one commenter, who made the mistake of making this his last step before closing on his home. "You should do this before you even put in an offer." Another user added: "Also when picking your home insurance, look for local companies before looking at the big chains."

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