There is no need to add speculative supply to an already oversupplied market. – Jeffrey T. Mezger, KB Home president and CEO

"A" locations will sell regardless of what kind of market it is. You might not like the price, but they will sell, whereas fringe locations ? are already, in some cases, shutting down, where sales just really aren't possible at all anymore. – Jeffrey T. Mezger, KB Home president and CEO

We believe [in] protecting our brand and that the consumer will not quickly forget who handled the repositioning of the market and did a better job of maintaining perceived value. – Larry A. Mizel, M.D.C. Holdings chairman and CEO

We've got what we call "smart design." There are a lot of features now that are really distinctive to Beazer, and there's something that, in a market like this, you can't just sell through discounts. If we're only selling through discounts, it's a crazy game, bouncing around from one builder to another. – Ian J. McCarthy, Beazer Homes USA president and CEO

Prices will recover, so you have to do this careful blend of cash flow, focus, and the right economic decision. And in many cases, we're better off holding onto the land for another year or so rather than selling at too low of a price. – Ara Hovnanian, Hovnanian Enterprises CEO

I know that there's a lot of fascination with the joint venture piece of our operating program. The focus within our company and within our asset management theory or philosophy has been, "Look, let's control land for our future and for our future growth, but let's make sure that we're doing it in a balance sheet sensitive way and in a way that spreads risk away from our company should the market turn down." – Stuart Miller, Lennar Corp. president and CEO

The Ryland strategy is we've always focused on returns and earnings per share. ? We were always criticized in 2003, 2004, and 2005 for not doing more volume, and I think we're in pretty good shape on that one. – Chad Dreier, The Ryland Group chairman, president, and CEO

Some of the options we've terminated are going to be the best opportunities for us to go back and buy these lots at a more favorable market price than we were paying previously. – Steven J. Hilton, Meritage Homes Corp. chairman and CEO