Millennials are constantly on the go and have grown up with a level of instant gratification supplied by the Internet. It's no shocker they're more than displeased with months-long interview processes.

In a survey conducted by KPMG of its recent hires, more than one-third were annoyed about the long wait to hear back after the interview and many were disjointed by the lack of feedback if they weren't chosen.

Large companies are trying to cut down their recruitment time to stay more agile with smaller companies like start-ups who can move quickly with the labor pool. KPMG recently announced it would conduct all interviews in a single day and provide applicants an answer within two to three days, compared to the usual six week interview process of meeting various executives. Last year Deloitte even announced plans to avoid recruiting from specific schools by making recruiters blind to a graduate applicant's alma mater. Goldman Sachs is also now conducting video interviews to speed up its own university recruitment process.

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