A strong company culture is imperative for success in any industry. If employees are enthusiastic about their work and are motivated to do well by more than a paycheck, good things typically happen. But developing a positive culture isn’t something an owner can simply throw money at or expect to happen overnight, it’s something that grows organically.

Thrive Home Builders has been constructing well-built homes for years, but in the words of its CEO Gene Meyers, it has “not yet built a great company.” In order to change that Thrive has drastically changed its business philosophy and now seeks to ensure that each of its employees are engaged and empowered in the company. In the U.S. and Canada, only 29% if workers are engaged at work. That’s not good for owners. Thrive looked to tackle that issue, starting with a one-page business plan. What did it say?

Click here to view Thrive Homes CEO Gene Myers' presentation from the "Leading Change: Culture" session at the 2016 Housing Leadership Summit.

And below, hear the Thrive Homes story from Myers himself:

Rightsizing through the Right Company Culture