When Windward Homes decided in 2000 to build a house for charity, the company had no idea how close to home its chosen cause would hit. Six months after employees at the Tampa, Fla.-based builder chose to donate the proceeds to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Windward president Chad Horne learned that his son Kevin, 10, had leukemia.

The heartbreaking news lent new urgency to the project; the builder began work on the Dream Home within days. Sold in 2001, the house raised $202,000, thanks to the contributions of Windward, the developer, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Research and education funded by that money will come too late for Kevin, who died in 2002. But his father continues the fight, working with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to take the program national and build 10 to 15 Dream Homes in 10 top markets within five years.

The program works like this: Horne takes a production approach, treating the Dream Home just like the other 600 homes Windward builds. The difference: This house is built with labor and materials donated by more than 50 of Windward's trades and suppliers, on land provided by developer Newland Communities. All proceeds from the sale of the house go toward the cause. "It's just an inventory home with an extremely low job cost," explains Horne. "This is a very easy process that lets builders do what they do best and make a contribution that's really something of consequence."

To build a Dream Home, contact Rick Geswell at geswellr@lls.org or 914-821-8892.

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