Reducing the Impact Amid the nationwide battle against the rising impact fee, Orlando home builders have bucked the trend. The latest round of legal maneuvering yielded a decision by a circuit court judge to reduce Osceola County's new $9,708-per-unit impact fee to $7,893. The judge agreed with the Florida Home Builders Association and the Home Builders Association of Metro Orlando's argument that the fee exaggerated the effect that new construction would have on local schools.

The Florida Home Builders Association's spokesperson Edie Ousley says that because a school district receives a portion of local property taxes, area home builders and property owners “were entitled to a credit for what we were already paying, which should come off the top of the $9,708.”

Green Fleet Earth-friendly Pardee Homes is trading in certain field vehicles for hybrid models. Nine Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs are on order for couriers and customer service managers in Orange County and Valencia, Calif. As leases are renewed for company vehicles, hybrids will be ordered.

StanPac Partners Standard Pacific partnered with developer Olympia Group, American West Homes, and Astoria Homes to purchase 2,675 acres in North Las Vegas. The site will host up to 14,000 units. D.R. Horton will purchase 20 percent of the available lots.

Executive vice president of finance and CFO Andy Parnes says the deal “gives us a solid land position in that market.”

Where does affordable housing rank in America's concerns?

  • Affordable health care
  • Jobs paying a living wage
  • Unemployment
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Traffic congestion
  • Poor quality public schools
  • Parents not having enough time with kids
  • Too long commute to work
  • Crime
  • Polluted environment

    Capitol Construction At the conclusion of a seven-day build on Washington, D.C.'s National Mall, volunteers celebrated as the last of 51 framed homes were loaded onto big rigs headed for the Gulf Coast region. The build, organized by Habitat for Humanity International and sponsored by Freddie Mac, brought together roughly 2,000 volunteers to frame interior and exterior walls to be assembled into permanent housing in the hurricane-ravaged region.

    Each framed home represented a state—and Washington, D.C.

    Freddie Mac spokesperson Jennifer Meyer says, “What we do is make homeownership possible, and that's just what we're doing [with this build].”

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