CRAIG BARANOWSKI, PRESIDENT of CJB Construction, a custom builder in the Panama City Beach, Fla., area, worked for computer companies for years before starting to build in Florida two years ago, so he's comfortable with technology. He uses Quick-Books and Microsoft Project and also carries a Samsung BlackJack smartphone.

What he learned pretty quickly, though, was that many of his workers still depend on faxes, and he found himself accumulating mounds of paper proposals from his subs. Baranowski would scan the faxes one by one and turn them into PDFs, but that was too time-consuming.

The solution was MyFax, from Protus IP Solutions in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Web-based service costs $10 a month for 200 inbound pages (those coming to the user) and 100 outbound pages (those going out through MyFax). To send faxes to Baranowski, MyFax converts the documents to PDFs and e-mails them to him. To send faxes out through MyFax, Baranowski sends a document as an e-mail, which the service then picks up and delivers as a fax to the appropriate sub or supplier.

“I get large spec documents of 70 pages or more from architects all the time and typically only have to send out a small portion of the specs to my subs,” says Baranowski, who explains that his electrician may need only the 15 pages that include the electrical specs.

“In the past, I would have to print out the 15 pages, then fax them over manually. Now, I can segment out the 15 pages the sub needs, convert [them] to a PDF, and send it without having to print something,” Baranowski says. “It's a great time-saver.”

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