BUILDER's premier lists of the top 200 builders in the country, the BUILDER 100 and the Next 100, are set to be released next week. In light of that, we are counting down each day with some facts and figures gleaned from the data. Click here to see all of the data released so far.

According to new figures from the Builder 100 survey of America’s top home builders, overall sales and revenue grew slightly in 2014 as the new-home market continued a slow but steady rebound, with total revenues from the country’s top 200 firms tallying upward of $85 billion.

But some areas of the country have been quicker to recover than others—so which regions saw the biggest profits in 2014?

Using the headquarters locations of the nation’s top 200 builders, BUILDER has broken down 2014’s gross home building revenue by U.S. Census Bureau region. The map below reflects the financial impact of each region, based on the revenue of all builders based in those states. We also highlight the top-ranked builder based in each area.

One surprising find? The lack of presence from Northeastern firms—none of this year’s top 200 builders is based out of New England. The region with the most home building revenue—the South Atlantic—was not as surprising.

Check out the map below to see how the rest of the numbers stack up, and which region’s builders reigned supreme.