TRI Pointe/Pardee Homes' Responsive Homes, a BUILDER Concept Home project, Henderson, NV

It's 12 weeks, four days, and just under 10 hours from about now until we join with the TRI Pointe Group's Pardee Homes Las Vegas division to unveil the Responsive Homes at Inspirada  in Henderson, Nev., on Jan. 19, 2016. But who's counting?

Of four things we're sure about this exciting venture. One is that our two homes will be idea and learning homes in the truest sense of the words, a virtual clinic on how to ideate and build compelling design and functionality into single-family living for our vaunted newest crop of young adults--the Millennials.

Second is that they're going to be completed on time, and be in just about perfect shape, inside and out, by the time we're ready for our "15 minutes of fame" in mid-January, as we invite builders from all over the country to "shop" our homes for new concepts, brand new product installations, and innovative new livability solutions for today's increasingly complex households.

That's because our go-to builder on the project, Pardee Homes Las Vegas division president Klif Andrews, tells us as much, as he punches through some of the remaining finish details, and exterior landscaping ideas.

"It's always down to the wire, but the interiors of the homes are very much on track, and we're getting ready for the design installation," says Andrews.

Builder's Journal: Down to the Wire

 Specifically, Andrews and his Pardee team report from on the ground at Inspirada that flooring is complete, the interior main body painting is complete, and counter tops, electrical plugs and switches, tile accent wall complete. There's continued work on wall treatments, plumbing trim, can lights, and entry doors will go in by the end of the month.

The third thing we're absolutely sure about is that visitors to the homes will get to see some brand new products, inventive functionality, and a highly exclusive "vision" for the living experience as rendered by our creative director on the project, Bobby Berk.

Responsive Homes 'transitional' home interior entry foyer.

"It's been great because we're seeing some new finishes, new styles, and even kind of a new ethos around how you want a house to look and feel," Andrews says. "Everybody will enjoy the freshness you get in these houses."

As a builder, it's a challenge to integrate a host of new finishes, new products, sometimes even new suppliers into the homes, "It's a little off our normal pattern," Andrews notes, "but that's good."

Fourth and finally, the homes' blend and balance of contemporary and more traditional styling--that idea of fresh takes on timeless values--is a driving design theme of the homes, and offers some striking new looks, particularly for attainably priced production homes in the Las Vegas valley.

"In this market, where we're not tethered to some traditional architectural styles, you're seeing a lot of interest in contemporary architecture," Andrews says.

The Responsive Homes' goal, in part, is to stretch the limits and conventions in what would be considered affordable new homes in their market, leaning in on exciting designs that can catalyze young adults into action.

We're so excited, as the clock counts down to the moment of the "big reveal" in Las Vegas on Jan. 19, because we feel there are truly some new ideas at work here on how home builders can inspire Millennials to aspire to own a new home.