So, we're putting our plan together for this year's Housing Leadership Summit in just over a month from now, and if you're a leader at a home building company that does any more than, say, a hundred deliveries a year, and any less than, say, 25,000, you should come.

Here's the basic information on the HLS conference: May 11-13, Miami, Turnberry Isle.

Here are three reasons you--or one of your best and brightest lieutenants--should be with us this year.

One of them is that this event, year-in-and-year-out is like no other home building leadership gathering. The pedigree of peers, the high-level of conversation, both programmatic and social, the camaraderie and war stories, the exchange of challenges and ideas, the spark of insight into a process you can try, the flicker of an investment opportunity, the sharing of data, and, above all, the sheer inspiration from being one of a very rare breed of professionals is an experience you get at Housing Leadership Summit that you don't get at any other in-person event in our business.

Secondly, this year our program is better than we've ever done, and different than we've ever done. Here's a couple of examples of what I mean.

What does superstring theory, a single, profound, and elegant way to explain all matter and all force, all that is space and all that is time, have to do with home building and real estate development right now? More than you ever might imagine, and we have a speaker, Brian Greene, who's string theory's most eloquent and entertaining spokes-genius right now, who'll explain it in terms you and I will both understand and be able to apply in our every day working lives.

A hint here. Superstring theory introduces a transformed understanding of all knowledge about what is big and heavy, microscopically small and light, what is fast and slow, and what is there and not there into a new way to think and believe and act with respect to the universe.

What is happening in housing, and the kind of leadership events, circumstances, changing preferences and unchanging values call upon today needs to transform.

A company that doesn't get that it must change both how it understands who its potential customers are and what they want, and how it manages the critical chain of projects that accrue to profitable operations on a house by house basis is at tremendous risk today. HLS this year, like no other year, will expose those risks and open up new options that go with the new knowledge you gain.

Home building is complicated. It's investment, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, and project management on a grand scale and on a granular, lot by lot scale. This is why the messages and guidance of a speaker like John Maeda will hit home so powerfully. How can we make what is complex simpler? How can we live with what we can not simplify? How can we understand our partners, customers, associates better in the context of the simplicity they seek? Maeda will help us see this, and design to it.

The third and most important reason you should come to this year's conference is that its core consists of presentations we've never done before, and that never have been done before on the scale that they're happening this year.

It's all about the teams.

"Team First" is the theme, and we know that whether the market is going to move steadily along, or surge suddenly, or check up in the next few months, the only difference between companies that succeed and the companies who don't is in the teams of talent up and down the ranks of each organization.

Strategies, processes, and plans are essential to recognizing the place of vision and mission, and executing, but the team--infused by a company culture with a life of its own--is where it all comes together.

At this year's HLS, we'll have seven company teams, each taking a strategic imperative--design, value proposition, sustainability, operational excellence, technology, consumer segmentation, and culture--and telling in their own words how they make it happen.

You won't hear it that way anywhere else.

See you there.