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Builder Brag: Wayne Homes knows it's still about building relationships

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Building industry professionals often times use social platforms to push product. It seems natural right? Well, while showing your product is great, social media allows all of us in the building industry to show more about who we are than the products we offer. For builders, it is the perfect platform to ask your prospects and homeowners exactly what they think and to show them that you are listening. You can ask about which features they prefer, which paint color they like, or something completely unrelated to the industry, such as their favorite local restaurant. The key is that you are showing that you CARE what they think. Wouldn't you prefer to build your new home with a builder who cares about what you think? This week Wayne Homes asked their fans how important the builder/home buyer relationship is on a scale of 1-10. Every person who responded said a 10. Buying a home is not only the most expensive purchase someone will make, it is also the most personal. In today's world, those personal relationships start before someone comes into the sales center or picks up the phone. 500+ people saw this Wayne Homes post. This builder knows that it's about building relationships and the customer service that sets them apart, and that's apparent in all aspects of the home buying process… from social media interactions to selection process to closing and beyond.



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