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Buckets of Fun Buckets of Fun

Builders across the country are known for supporting great causes in their neighborhoods and at large. Here, TRI Pointe Homes' co-founders Doug Bauer (ceo) and Tom Mitchell (coo) step up to an ALS ice bucket challenge actually delivered by a front-end loader, as cfo Mike Grubbs officiates. As you may know, the ice bucket challenge is all about naming names. Have a look to find out who Bauer and Mitchell call on to demonstrate big builders' big bucket bravery in hard hats with soft hearts. Read more

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With Weyerhaeuser win, TRI Pointe scores a triple-double With Weyerhaeuser win, TRI Pointe scores a triple-double

It felt like a Herculean effort to land the Weyerhaeuser five-company home building portfolio in a complex deal, and now TRI Pointe ceo Doug Bauer says he and his two principle operating partners, coo Tom Mitchell and cfo Mike Grubbs, can go back to doing their day jobs. BIG BUILDER's John McManus comments on what the deal means--to TRI Pointe and Weyerhaeuser, to competitors, and as a signal of what's still coming as capital pushes its way into home building on the belief that the big turn has come. Read more

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The Big List, part 3 The Big List, part 3

What the early stages of this housing recovery show, like every one before it, is the value of home sites that the market's early movers want. A, B, and C lots in America's 25-or so new-home building Meccas earn their letter grades because they trade, not as financial assets, but as real-world real estate that a home buyer wants as his or her home. We've seen in parts 1 and 2 of the TRI Pointe Homes story how global capital and corporate strategy converged on home building earlier this year. In this final segment of the story, we get a feel for what it's like to sprint for the finish line of an initial public offering on the NYSE, and what comes next. BIG BUILDER's John McManus reports. Read more

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The Big List, part 2 The Big List, part 2

For fleeting moments this past Spring, institutional investors globally clamored for a way in to pure-play investments in home building and development companies. Nearly every privately held local and regional company in the nation got a phone call from investment banks and consultants looking for an opportunity to take them public. The question then wasn't "could you go public?" It was "should you go public?" Access to low-cost cash and liquidity sounded inviting to many. But, as we look at the inside story of TRI Pointe Homes' journey to its January IPO, we see really what it takes for a company to make such a play. The window's narrowed since last Spring. But it will open again. Read more

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New TRI Pointe deals signal both strategy and sector swings

TRI Pointe Homes has announced another series of new masterplanned community deals, which BUILDER PULSE looks at for both strategic insight into the fledgling public home builder and for a broader sense of how home building's real estate and land strategy game is unfolding. Read more

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