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As Home Building Recovers, Some Builders Head for the Exit

With housing starts up and demand on the rise, now may be the time for builders looking to leave the business to weigh their options and start planning Read more

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Are New Starter Homes History? Are New Starter Homes History?

Since World War II ended, builders lured buyers with new houses priced to vie with resale, but better built. But according to this deep dive by BUILDER editor Les Shaver, the starter home may now be on the brink of going extinct. Read more

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With Dominion Purchase, Pulte Buys Share, Pace, and Geography

By purchasing Dominion Homes, PulteGroup puts itself in position to become the No. 2 builder in the country. Read more

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What Does Sequestration Mean for Home Building?

As the government cuts begin to take hold, builders are trying to gauge what the impact will be on housing's rebound. Read more

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Profit Vs. Loss For Builders Profit Vs. Loss For Builders

Costs rise with sales prices, squeezing profits. Read more

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