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Kitchen Magnets Kitchen Magnets

INDUCTION COOKTOPS—WHICH USE A magnetic field to generate heat—were introduced to the American market nearly 20 years ago. Popular in Europe, where natural gas is generally expensive, induction technology has been unsuccessful in this country because of its low power and unreliability. Read more

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Premium Fakes Premium Fakes

If you're considering a traditional-looking roofing alternative to asphalt shingle, you might want to check out synthetic products that simulate the appearance and texture of slate and wood shakes. Read more

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Security Clearance

TOOL AND EQUIPMENT THEFT IS A growing concern on construction sites. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, nearly $1 billion is lost each year nationwide due to equipment and tool theft. Read more

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LARGE-CAPACITY WASHING MACHINES, dishwashers, luxury shower systems, and whirlpool tubs can put a severe strain on a standard water heater with even the largest-capacity tank. Eventually, the tank runs out of hot water and requires time to recover. One way to solve that problem is by using a tankless water heater. Read more

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Solar Systems

Fluctuating gas and electricity costs are driving the building industry's interest in solar power systems and fueling the market's growth. Read more

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