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Need a Lift? Need a Lift?

In-home elevators might take your business to the top. Read more

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Product Spotlights: The New American Home 2002 Product Spotlights: The New American Home 2002

Cultured Stone, a manufactured stone product, was installed in various portions of the home's exterior. TNAH builder, Michelle Horstemeyer, was excited about the installation of the product. Another major advantage of Cultured Stone manufactured products compared to real stone, which is often mined from multiple quarries, is its color uniformity, Horstemeyer adds. Read more

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Something for Everyone

Universal design promotes products and spaces that are accessible to all people. If this sounds difficult to build, think again. Finding such barrier-free products may be easier than you think. Read more

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Down the Drain

Greenpeace condemns PVC pipe despite its widespread appeal in the building products industry. Read more

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