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Cover Story: What's New in the Neighborhood?

Builders retool their communities for an all-out showdown with reality. Read more

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Public Builders Still Cutting Costs

After many months of cutting and consolidating to get their businesses right sized, a slow summer and a weak fall selling season is pushing some public builders to go under the knife again for another round of painful, if not as dramatic, cuts and consolidations. To date, the public builders have drastically reduced their overhead cost structures by exiting less profitable markets, reducing excess staffing, consolidating operations, and even ridding the payroll of some big salaries. The net result has been a significant decrease in dollars allocated to SG&A. Read more

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Feature: Nowhere to Go But Up Feature: Nowhere to Go But Up

Private builders are finding ways to buy time until the housing crash is far enough behind for banks to lend again. Read more

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Big Builders Gear Up for a Big Week

This week the Web sites of some the nation's top home builders would do infomercial icon Billy Mays proud.They're full of flashing countdowns, visually shouting at buyers to hurry and sign a contract to buy before the door closes on the most recent home buying national tax rebate at midnight Friday, April 30. Read more

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Government GSE Takeover Could Reduce Cost of Mortgages

Experts see a moderate decline in rates before yearend but note that the fundamentals still point to continuing malaise in the housing market. Read more

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