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Wu-Bu Wu-Bu

WORKING WITHIN tight limitations can yield spirited design, as this well-executed architectural maneuver proves. The program was simple: Renovate a bath on the top floor of a small row house and make its attic stair and attic space usable. The goal, says architect Todd Ray, was “to interweave all of the spaces to seem like pieces of a whole and extend the vertical spaces and connect them with light.” Read more

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Camouflage House Camouflage House

THERE IS MORE THAN one way to do a site-specific building. You can go with the one-with-nature approach or the contrast-to-nature approach. Or you can do a little of both. Johnsen Schmaling Architects made this vacation home modern but used the bark of the trees, the foliage, and the hillside to inform its design decisions. Read more

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Douglass Square Douglass Square

THE OLD AFFORDABLE-housing model is being thrown out as thoughtfully designed homes for low-income families are fast replacing the drab, concrete boxes of the 1960s and 1970s. Douglass Square reflects that shift. Read more

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Trend 17

THE CURRENT TOOL for water heating is a large, space-hogging tank that is good at producing hot H2O but has a tendency to run out when you need it most. Until a depleted hot water tank is given time to heat more water, it is largely useless. But there is hope for the future: on-demand tankless water heaters. Read more

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Trend 16 Trend 16

THE STORY IS BY NOW familiar: Heat harnessed from the sun would provide nontoxic fuel and become an inexhaustible source of power that would reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, in general, and on foreign oil, in particular. Read more

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