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Over Heated

Motorists along California's highway 405 now have something else to look at: a billboard displaying the millions of dollars wasted each day by California homes and businesses that use traditional hot water tanks. Read more

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Sprawl Busters

Taking a show-and-tell approach to curbing sprawl, Washington-based Sierra Club has published a 32-page report that gives examples of 12 projects where good town planning created livable communities. Read more

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Price Hike

American Woodmark Corp. has announced it will cut staff and raise prices on some products to combat continued weak financial performance. Read more

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Easy Does It

Bank regulators are concerned that obtaining a mortgage loan is becoming a bit too easy, putting everyone from homeowners to certain bond investors at risk. Read more

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Future Tense

IF YOU'RE LIKE THE REST OF US, this is the time of year when you look back and take stock of what went right and what went wrong over the last 12 months. Looking back is a good way to learn from mistakes, but getting a glimpse of what could be coming is an even better way to be prepared for the future. Read more

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