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Lakeside Library Lakeside Library

LAKESIDE LIBRARY IS A multi-function accessory unit designed to complement a 100-year-old lakeside vacation house. The main house is a rambling, horizontal structure clad in red cedar shingles with dark green trim. The outbuilding—which serves as library, guest house, boat storage, garage, exercise room, and tennis viewing pavilion—is more vertically proportioned but incorporates the same exterior materials as the house. Read more

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Mission Creek Community Mission Creek Community

THIS MIXED-USE PROJECT provides affordable housing for seniors in a new neighborhood adjacent to San Francisco's South of Market area. It is the first building in the country to allot a specific percentage of the residential units for seniors living with AIDS, says architect Tom Brutting. The vibrant building also houses a community center, retail space, a public library branch, and a day health center. This combination of spaces helps foster intergenerational interaction that has been shown to enhance seniors' lives. Read more

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Three-65 At Victoria Gardens Three-65 At Victoria Gardens

THE PROBLEM FACING the architect and developer of Three-65 at Victoria Gardens was how to tie this infill project (mixing flats and townhouses) into a neighborhood of single-family detached homes to the north and a recently opened regional mall to the south. Read more

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