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Think Tomorrow Today

Now that the industry slowdown is working its way through the supply chain, the question for manufacturers, distributors, and other building trade partners is: How will you manage through it? Read more

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Connect the Links

The good news we're all clinging to these days is that long-term demand for housing will be strong for many years to come. Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies report predicts that 1.3 million new households will form each year for the next 10 years. Although this is positive fundamental news for the entire home-building supply chain of builders, installers, distributors, and manufacturers, in the short term, expect some disruptions. Read more

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Waste Not Waste Not

When is the last time you walked a job site and looked at the materials that Read more

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Cost Crunch

The decrease in demand for new housing is hitting the supply chain hard. Read more

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Guest Work Guest Work

It is difficult to read a newspaper or turn on the television without seeing widely disparate views on the immigration issue. Read more

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