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Green Light

Environmentally smart at heart, McStain Neighborhoods' Eric Wittenberg maps out land positions within cities' five-mile rings as the focus of his strategy for scale. Read more

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Capital Climb Capital Climb

WHILE NEUMANN HOMES EXCEEDED $500 million in annual revenues for the first time in 2004, according to Kenneth P. Neumann, president and CEO, the company is just halfway "there." Read more

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The Perfect Mix

Changes in lifestyles, municipal visions of community, lot sizes, and other factors contribute to recent evolution of homes offered by big builders. Read more

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Blue Sky Scenario Blue Sky Scenario

Industry leading returns per share, strong growth in number of homes sold annually, rising revenues, consistent increases in average profit per unit, and a host of other indicators that bear out MDC's investment-grade rating is no accident of nature. Read more

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Suddenly Feeling Attached

Big builders must find alternatives to the single-family home on a large lot as they face consumer interest in traditional communities, a shortage in desirable land, increased costs, and sustainability concerns. Read more

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