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6 Ways For Builders to Beat REOs

Speakers give strategies for competing against foreclosures. Read more

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Choice Homes in Texas Shuts Down

Recently no. 40 on the BUILDER 100, the Texas-based builder succumbs to the downturn. Read more

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Stimulus Offers Limited Tax Help to Builders

Companies with revenues below $15 million can carry back losses for five years; other firms may want to research benefits of ‘debt forgiveness’ clause included in stimulus. Read more

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Home Building's Higher Ground Home Building's Higher Ground

In rare times when everything works, the only downside is that nobody much bothers with what could and should be done better. When nothing at all works, futility makes it equally difficult to learn what it might take to improve matters. But when just a few odd things find success against a backdrop of paralysis and deterioration, they attract attention and provoke questions. Read more

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